How to Pack for a Trip

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Packing for a week long trip

I place everything out on my bed to see if anything is missing or if I need to make changes.




I gather all the skincare I will need for the climate I am visiting.  This Kerastase is super hydrating and should keep my hair from going crazy in the cold, damp weather of Vancouver, Canada.  I am obsessed with this whipped tallow body butter, and Hey Honey 24/7 cream is my go-to for cold weather.  I like these lady wipes by Sweet Spot Labs for travel because you never know what you are going to get in public restrooms and these keep things fresh.  I know we have a few hikes planned so I am bringing my CBD for life foot cream, muscle relief spray, and cream.  These products are amazing after a long hike to help ease muscle fatigue!  I have a post working for next week with more info.


This Makeup Forever foundation is a favorite right now!


These Aveda Styling products are a must have for cold weather!


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I just discovered Jules Smith (checkout/discount code DORAN20) for their super chic and easy-to-style jewelry.  I am obsessed with their collar necklaces and bangles.


Another Jules Smith piece that I am loving right now.





When I pack for a trip I like to only pack things I need or will use!  So I write out my itinerary on a sheet of paper and then create outfits in Photoshop like I would for a blog post.  From there I create outfit piles on my bed and add in everything else I will need like makeup and jewelry.  This way I can see if anything is missing or if I need to make changes.

After everything is out I start packing.  I like to try to keep everything in a carry-on — my bags have been lost way to0 many times to overpack and check my bag through.  First I pack up all of my jewelry in an organizer, then my cosmetics, and finally my clothes.  Super simple!

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