How to Incorporate Planning Into Your Self Care Routine

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How to Incorporate Planning Into Your Self Care Routine by popular California blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a desk with an Erin Condren datebook and Natural Fragrance Rose.

Taking time to clear my mind has been hard to find since having a baby or just being a grownup in general!  Lately, I have started to take an hour every Sunday to plan out my week and help prepare for the week.  I found that when I have everything written out and I can see what I have coming up my anxiety and stress levels lower.  It is now my favorite self care routine of the week but it wasn’t always that way.

When I first started I hated this new “task” so I decided to make it a bit more glamorous.  While my office was in a major renovation I had to use the kitchen desk.  Ugh.  Not my favorite spot.  I realized if I wanted this new habit work I had to glam up my space.

Getting the Right Tools to Incorporate Planning Into Your Self Care Routine

First up, I started by clearing everything out of the desk area and making space.  I set up my computer, datebook, phone and a small calendar.  Since this area is right in the center of my house I popped some earplugs in the draw to listen to a book or spa music while I worked on my planner.   Next, I grabbed a candle but the space was too small for it so I switched to a diffuser.  Again, the space was too small and the diffuser overwhelmed me.

I struggled with what to put in this space to make it feel less like the kitchen!  Finally, I settled on a Natural Fragrance Rose.  The soft scent and pretty rose were perfect for the space.  The MADAMME ANTOINETTE makes the prettiest addition to the space and brightens my mood instantly.  These are real roses that have been preserved to last longer and smell fresh.  I have one in my new office downtown and at the house.  Both keep my offices smelling fresh and luxurious!

With all the tools in place, the task of planning out my week started to become enjoyable.  I start every Sunday by popping in my headphones to a spa channel and pulling up all of my emails.  Then I work on putting in all my big events for the week–Olivia’s playdates, business meetings, events I am attending and then from there I start to plan menus.  Days I know I will be busy or out I mark off and then count the number of meals I will need for the week.  I finish with a shopping list for groceries and outfits I will need.


It takes me about an hour each week.  I feel so much better being able to see what I have coming up.  Taking time for yourself is so important these days with so many intrusion.  While a day at the spa isn’t always possible taking an hour each week to incorporate planning into your self-care routine is super doable!

What ways do you take time for yourself?

Coming up next week– my new office reveal both at the house and my downtown spot!


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