How to Get Brighter more Rejuvenated Skin with Red LED Light Therapy

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Red LED Light Therapy featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Red LED Light Therapy featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide Red LED Light Therapy featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Red LED Light Therapy:

For years now RED LED light therapy has been my Friday night ritual.  LED Lights have been around forever but I am seeing more and more people looking for information on them.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  Diodes turn energy into photons that your body’s chromophores absorb and then your body uses that energy to produce healthy cells.

  BLUE works great for acne, RED for anti-aging and collagen production, while AMBER is great for wound healing, inflammation, and even joint pain.  The role of LED Lights is pushing into not just skincare but orthodontics, Dentistry (TMJ issues), and even veterinary.  After Louis herniated a disk in his neck we use a Veterinary LED pack for months to help him recover and still use it during cold months.  I predict that the role of antioxidants and reparative ingredients like stem cells and telomeres in skin care will take on an elevated position in 2019 as a way to boost the results from LED tools.

Red LED Light therapy is so easy to use from home.  I started by doing a patch test on my arm and when I saw that I had no reaction I started using it on my face and postpartum belly marks.  Red LED light therapy helps stimulate collagen production preventing further development of stretch marks. It also helps lighten the appearance of scars and even overall skin tone. It takes about 20 minutes to do my face and neck– I usually watch some Real Housewives show to pass the time.  After just apply your regular skincare.  I like to do the LED Light Therapy on clean bare skin.

After trying 4 different brands I am hooked on the PolyGo handheld device.  It is cordless!  Contours the face better than any other model I tried.  Plus, the heads are interchangeable from acne to beauty, to pain.  Usually, you have to buy a whole new panel to switch!  This makes the system much more affordable for someone like me who need the acne benefits of Blue LED and the anti-aging benefits of Red LED.  It is easy to travel with or use while I am working since it can charge from a computer or wall socket.  The goggles in the kit are the best I have ever tried.  They stay on really well and cover the whole eye area.

Overall, I am so happy PolyGo sent this over for me to try out.  I am pleased with the results I am seeing so far and am impressed with how easy the system is to use.  Check PolyGo out over on their site for more information.

The KEY to results with Light Therapy is consistency.  I use mine every Tuesday and Friday; plus receive professional treatments once a month.

And, every Tuesday I Instastory live Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a facial protocol!  Last week I included the PolyGo.