5 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Clients As An Esthetician

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I really appreciate all of the messages I received over the last few weeks. This is the second to last post about becoming an Esthetician and I feel it is the most important. Knowing how to find your ideal client is the most important thing when building a business and you notice I didn’t say finding clients. Here are my 5 tips for finding your ideal clients as an esthetician.

This is a series about How to Become an Esthetician in California (part 1) and the Lessons I Learned In My First Year (part 2).

How to Find Your Ideal Client

  1. Describe your ideal client. I use this chart to visualize my ideal client. Her name is Anna. She is between 30-45, married with kids. Works in the corporate world as a VP. Like a feminine esthetic–lots of pinks and greys with pops of nature. She isn’t into the clean beauty movement. She treats herself to lashes once a month and before every major event or vacation. You can find her with a glass of champagne, a good book or true-crime podcast, or a binge of Grace & Frankie on the weekends after her kid’s activities. She supports women and kids causes but her real passion is dog charities. She can’t live without a good SPF or eye cream and a good face mist is life. TikTok is her secret pleasure but Instagram is where she spends her money.
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Here are some thought starters to visualize your ideal client.

2. Plan to Market. Now that you know who to market to know how and when. I use social media and emails now but in the past, I used TV, Radio, Yelp, and many other channels. Your “WHO” will determine your “WHERE” and “HOW”.

I work on my marketing between clients or during slow times.

I plan by month but to start you can try by quarter. Share upcoming specials, highlight why you love your career, show before and after, and inspire, educate, and entertain with your socials. Start a referral program–I did 50% off for every new client that received treatment. Sure my fill goes down to $41.50 that one time but they just brought me a client that booked a new set and refills so I make up for it in the long run.

Always rebook before they leave!

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Here is an example of January. Starting out a once-a-month email newsletter is plenty.

3. Know the WHY. What benefits does your niche service offer, why do clients benefit from your service? I created a list of all of these things when I first started and posted it in my datebook. I referenced it whenever I was feeling down because I was slow or a client wasn’t kind or I had a slow month.

4. Customize your niche. Why are you different? My lash style is more natural than that crazy over the top lashes. Even my volume lashes look natural. My clients come to me for that esthetic. The more you know what makes you unique the easier it is to sell it and attract the right client.

5. Price for your client. This was the hardest thing for me to learn. I still struggle with it today. I priced myself super low yet I am in the most expensive part of town (rent/tax-wise) and the product I use is super high quality and super expensive. I was marketing to high-end clients but charging bargain rates. It got to the point where I wasn’t making enough to afford my rent and the supplies plus pay for everyday life.

Most clients look for value–not price! They want high-end products and a clean shop more than the bargain from the place on the corner from the girl with no training. If someone gives you trouble about your prices remind them you are a person too! With expenses and needs. Then price shop. Losing one customer is better than having someone make you feel bad over making a living.

Do a price check once a year to make sure you are following the market.

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Lessons Learned and How to find your ideal client… It took me years to realize I was marketing to the masses instead of my ideal client. Once I did my income tripled!

Every time I raise my prices I get that handful of clients that treat me like I am stealing from them. Now, I have no problem encouraging them to go somewhere else. Never take on someone else’s problem. You have a house to pay for and bills to pay, too! You deserve to make an income.

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Do you have any tips on how to find your ideal clients? Let me know in a comment below!