How To Do Versed Dermaplaning at Home + a Coupon

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Loving this Versed refillable dermaplanner! Refillable means less waste in the landfills and still getting to have your favorite things. I shared exactly how I use the Versed dermaplaning tool over on TikTok. Plus, scroll down to find out where to shop, grab a coupon code and debunk some myths.

A couple of dermaplanning myths

  1. The hair will NOT grow back thicker. That is a total myth. Hormonal changes would create thicker or darker hair. Shaving won’t. If it looks more noticeable as it grows back it is because the edge is now blunt and the new growth isn’t bleached out from the sun or different skincare ingredients.
  2. Dermaplanning will NOT cause acne. But, if you have acne don’t use it. If you just have a few breakouts work around them.

Grab the new Versed refillable dermaplanner at the link below!

Want to learn more about Versed dermaplaning? Pop over to Versed Skincare and Save 10% with code DORANPOMA10

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