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House of GRO by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of House of GRO rejuvenating face and neck oil and House of GRO After Dark Anti-Agin Night Serum.

CBD skincare is the new overwhelming trend. I get dozens of emails a week to review some new anti-aging CBD products. A few I accept and most I decline, from the few I do decide to try, I usually send most back. CBD skin care can at best drastically reduce inflammation and worst break me out or do absolutely NOTHING! There is a small handful I recommend.

HOUSE OF GRŌ®  is one! When they reached out I almost passed but after reviewing their website I was intrigued.

House of GRO

What I like:

  • they started small with a serum and an oil
  • well thought out ingredients
  • anti-inflammatory based oils
  • nice scent profile
  • transparency on ingredients and percentages
  • gorgeous textures
  • great and simple packaging
  • easy to use
  • can blend into any skincare routine

What is it?

HOUSE OF GRŌ®  makes two products a face oil and night serum. I layered both products morning and night for about three weeks. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the oil. It absorbs well, leaves a glow, smells amazing, and did not break me out! I felt my breakouts were actually lower while using the oil. The texture is what I really like about the product. It has a nice slip so gua sha work or facial massage are totally possible. By the time my massage ritual was done the oil was fully absorbed and didn’t leave a residue or pilling.

Who Needs It?

For this duo, I think over the age of 25 and more on the dry side. While CBD is anti-inflammatory and can help with breakouts, the formulas together can be heavy. 25 and under or more on the oily side– stick to the oil. It leaves a gorgeous GLOW and was soothing each night. I was using a heavy retinol protocol while I used the oil and felt like my acclimation period to vitamin A was easier with the oil.

Overall Thoughts?

I hope HOUSE OF GRŌ®  makes a cleansing oil or balm in the future. The brand does texture very well and the results were exactly what I wanted in an oil. The oil is so gorgeous I hope to use it in my facials when we reopen next month!

Check out both the Night Serum and Oil over on their website or Instagram.

Do you have any other questions about House of GRO that I didn’t answer in this text? Let me know in a comment below!