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Henry Lodon Hampstead Watch Nordstom

Henry London Nordstrom

Henry London Hampstead Watch available at Nordstrom

Henry London Nordstrom

Henry London Nordstrom

Every day seems to get busier and busier in these Summer months.  With so much on my plate these days I tend to lose track of the little things.  I forget to notice the amazing scenery around me,  the look of all-out love from my two pups, and enjoying time not devoted to work.  Henry London recently gave me a big nudge to remember to take time for me.

I always wear a watch.  It feels so much more grown up than constantly looking at my phone.  Plus, there is the added bonus of really expressing my own style with a watch.  My job as an esthetician requires me to constantly have my hands in the sink so most jewelry is out of the question.  Earrings are out because of my uber sensitive skin.  The only option left for me to accessorize and express myself is a watch.

When this Henry London Hampstead watch arrived I was blown away by the detailing of it.  The bracelet is stunning and the purple face matches my favorite sweater exactly!  It made me think what other details I pass by and fail to notice.  Every time I look down to check the time or date I make a little note to myself to stop and enjoy the details of my day.

Yesterday, I had an entire day off.  Instead of running around I decided to just spend the day enjoying things I love.  I took a cooking class and then took a walk on Carmel beach.  In the evening I watched a few of my favorite shows and caught up on all my fashion magazines.  It turned out to be the perfect day off.

Henry London Hampstead Watch

Henry London is a British brand of vintage inspired watches.  They recently made the jump across the pond and right into Nordstrom!  The HL line is curated into collections and colors and inside each collection by size and case details.  The details on the watch are stunning and they really are the perfect accessory to express yourself.  There are just so many choices!

I am obsessed with the gray Finchley collection both with the gray leather bands and the mesh metal bands.  It was a tough call between the Shoreditch pink and the Hampstead purple but ultimately the purple won.  My husband was partial to the Knightsbridge and the Highgate.  It is fun to choose a favorite color or  look that describes your personality best!  Which one is your favorite?


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