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Spent the day in San Francisco today with husband, and of course I picked up some great Haute Skin Care finds.  I will let you all know if any of them turn out to be winners.  After a long traffic filled drive home we were starved!  But since it was late neither of us wanted anything heavy.  So for husband I made scrambled eggs w/ sausage and for me I made my new favorite treat!  I picked this up from Paleo Plan and I really recommend the site for those that are looking to transform their skin.  Cutting out or at least cutting back on a few harmful ingredients will make a HUGE difference on your skin.

Hautemeal!  (Paleo plan calls it Almost Oatmeal, but I like my title better)

Crunchy Almond butter– Organic of course
Organic UNSWEETENED Applesauce

To do:
Heat up 3 tbs of Applesauce in pan or microwave add 1 tbs of almond butter and stir until fully heated and mixed.  Add Cinnamon to taste and you now have a yummy treat!

I will add a pic tomorrow since my email is down and I can’t transfer the pic without it!


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