Haute Right Now… Sundari & Spa Ritual

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I’m totally in love with these Haute Skincare finds…

Sundari Gotu Kola and Geranium Moisturizer

Yum, yum!  This moisturizer feels like silk.  It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  I love the light fresh, herbal/floral smell It’s just light enough to give you that luxurious relaxing aroma without over staying it’s welcome.  The packaging is nice, airless pumps, cute logo nice colors.  But the best part for me is 7 days in and no new breakouts!

Spa Ritual Handprint Serum

I am so in love with this product.  I use about 2 pumps every morning and night, with their massage cream to seal it in and I swear my hands feel softer.  As and esthetician I am always washing my hands, so I am constantly looking for new products to keep them soft.  I love this!  The scent is a dreamy citrus scent and the feel is light.  You can layer it under ANY lotion and it will not feel heavy or sticky.  My new must have item.


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