Haute Right Now… Rhonda Allision Clarifying Beads

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So I am back on my hunt for the perfect scrub and my latest trial includes the Rhonda Allison Clarifying Beads.

rhonda allison clarifying beads

I must say I was on the fence.  As a gentle everyday scrub, it is perfect, but if you are looking for a little more power this just isn’t going to give it to you.  For all my sensitive skin people this is PERFECT.  A soft all-purpose scrub that can also be used as a cleanser so you can skip a step.

The Rhonda Allison Clarifying beads gently emulsifiers into an all-natural scrub that lathers, cleans, and freshens the skin in one step. It foams up slightly and leaves the skin soft, CLEAN, and fresh feeling.  No soapy residue or annoying granules leftover when used in the shower. My skin did feel exfoliated… just not really enough. When I used it at the vanity I removed it with a cloth and several rinses of water and didn’t have residue issues then either.  I am happy to report absolutely NO SCENT!  A big in my book.
Overall my vote…. as an everyday use it’s great, if you are looking to consolidate your program down to fewer steps and don’t have super dry skin, it’s a win.  But if you are looking for a deep cleaning scrub… this just isn’t the one.

***Rhonda Allison has recently relaunched this product!  I have not yet tried it out.  If I do I will update this post.
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