Haute Right Now… PCA Purifying Mask

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Let’s just put it out there, I went on a bread binge.  Everyday for three weeks now I have been stopping at my local Subway for a sandwich.  I like the bread.  Unfortunately my acne LOVES the bread and my skin is scary.  Enter my latest addiction… PCA Purifying Mask.  I have re-broken up with bread and am now in a 3 times a week relationship with this mask.

A super blend of:

  • Algae -– detoxifies and hydrates skin.
  • Clay – detoxifies and absorbs oil and impurities.
  • Pumice (Micro-Fine) – helps to gently exfoliate skin’s built-up surface debris and impurities.
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil – promotes a clear complexion.
  • Grape Seed Oil – contains a high content of polyphenols as well as the essential fatty acid (EFA), linoleic acid.

This mask does it all.  Soothe, clarify and scrub!  I love it.  It feels great and smells ok considering it is an anti-acne mask.  The best part is, my skin is super dry but this doesn’t dry over dry my skin. 

 It works like every other mask out there but with the pumice you can scrub it in a bit before you let it set-up for 10 minutes.  It dries pretty solid so use a bit of water to loosen it up before you remove with a wet cloth. 
Give it a try.  Find your local PCA estie here and support your local economy or Shop HERE.
Watching a movie and waiting for my mask to dry. 


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