Haute Right Now… Age Intervention Transitions by JMSR

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JMSR AI Transitions…

I just can’t live without this treatment serum.  Every time I do my acne comes back in full force.  I apply AM/PM everyday after my nourishing serum.  I then follow up with moisturizer and SPF.  I run out often and just skip a few weeks and seriously regret it, when my whole face is inflamed. As soon as I pick up another bottle my skin clears up and those stubborn red post-acne spots disappear. My pores appear smaller and my skin is definitely softer.  I hate the smell but it vanishes after the product absorbs.  I like to mix a little glycolic with it to give a little extra boost. I use it as step 3 in the morning as part of the 5 step program. JMSR says the following:

Age Intervention Transitions combines acne clearing and prevention with remarkable skin resurfacing and brightening technology and antioxidants. The technologies in Transitions not only improve acne, but also reduce the appearance of discoloration associated with acne and post acne inflammation. No more stubborn acne just clear, radiantly polished and younger looking skin.

Where to buy…. Purchase from JMSR directly… enter code 093623 for a 5% discount on your whole order. 


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