Haute Beauty… XMF Cream by Phytomer USA

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I am so obsessed with this new anti-aging cream.  XMF is the newest release from Phytomer USA and their new cosmesutecal line.  With new ingredients and fast results I have to say; it is a winner.  I love the light formula and scent.  One of my main struggles with the line previously, was the heavy fragrance and thick creams.  XMF banishes both of those.  Phytomer is describing XMF’s key technologies as:

  • XMF “EXTRA MARINE FILLER”:an exclusive discovery by PHYTOMER Advanced Research, XMF is a high-tech marine sugar. XMF is an EPS (ExoPolySaccharide) – a 100% natural ingredient with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties. Instantly smooths wrinkles for crease-free skin. Densifies the skin mattress for firmed, tightened skin.
  • MORIO ORCHID: a rare and protected plant, notably found on the coasts of Brittany, France. Antioxidant protection (against free radicals) and antiglycation protection (against sugars) to help preserve the skin’s youthfulness. Mario Orchid is a protected species, to preserve this precious resource PHYTOMER has implemented a program of cultivation in greenhouses.

The results vary with one of my clients seeing huge difference in crows feet within one week.  Phytomer studies show:


After 1 hour, on smile lines: -18%*
After 1 month, on crow’s-feet lines: -22.5%* 

* Instrumental test on 23 volunteers. Twice-daily application for 1 month..

 Overall I am a fan.  The price point is a bit steep ($230 for 50ml) but the results are totally worth it. 

Find it here or here


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