HALO DreamNest™ open air sleep system- A Review+How We Use It

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DreamNest featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

DreamNest featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

DreamNest Review:

 HALO® Bassinest™ swivel sleeper was the first “bed” Olivia had when we came home from the hospital.  We LOVED it–see the review we did on it.  When I heard Halo was coming out with a new portable crib that also doubles as a bassinet, changing table, and toddler cot I had to try it out.  The Halo team was awesome enough to send it over.  We have a ton of travel coming up, Olivia goes to work with either KP or me every day and she goes to her grandparent’s house once a week.  The HALO DreamNest open-air sleep system sounds like it would solve all of the challenges of living a mobile life.

I took the system with me to the office the day it arrived.  Overall, it was super easy to set up and took me about 15-20 minutes the first time but now it takes me about 5.  The mattress is really unique.  It is fully breathable and on a suspension frame that keeps the mesh super tight and firm.  Folding the HALO DreamNest open-air sleep system up was quick and it all fit in the travel case–even the changing table.  To me, it wasn’t heavy and I carried it to the car pushing our stroller with no problem.

Next, we took it Glamping!  If you saw my post from last week about our trip you know it didn’t work out as planned.  A MAJOR storm pulled in, the glampsite was closed down and they moved us to a room.  Our room smoked up when we tried to build a fire due to the strong winds.  All of our belongings including the HALO DreamNestopen-air sleep system smelled of smoke.  I was so mad.

To my amazement, the whole system was easy to clean.  This was my most asked question during our Q&A earlier today!  How do you clean the system? As soon as we arrived home I popped it outside to air out and took apart the mattress.  The mattress was washed in the machine with no problem; Olivia’s drool stains and the smoke were gone when I finished!  After airing the HALO DreamNest™ open-air sleep system outside for several hours and giving the mesh sides a little hand washing the smoke was out of the system completely.

Halo DreamNest Review

Halo DreamNest Review

Next, we set it up at my in-law’s house with the optional sheet.  Olivia is teething and her drool is everywhere so they thought the sheet would help.  Halo designed breathable sheets that fit securely around the mattress corners.  While the sheet is super cute and an awesome option, I prefer to use it without.  Olivia gets distracted by sheets and I feel like she gets less drool rash when there is no sheet involved.  We don’t use one in our crib at night either! I find that if I put a HALO® SleepSack® wearable blanket over her jammies she stays warm and sleeps more soundly.

So far the HALO DreamNest™ open air sleep system has made it through a glamping disaster, travel to and from our offices each day for a month, weekly trips to my in-laws, and travel in the tiny trunk of my car!  We even used it the other day in toddler cot mode when one of our friends was here and their kid desperately needed a nap.  It still looks brand new.  The only wear is on the carrying case and that is probably because I put the changing table in there with the system.

Overall, I think this is an awesome system.  The rocking legs are brilliant if you have an infant.  The toddler cot is super handy.  The HALO DreamNest™ open air sleep system was easy to travel with and breaks down into a tiny rectangle cube.  It washes up with the regular laundry.  I don’t have any complaints.  If we didn’t have a crib I would just use this system.  It is the perfect option for someone that has a small apartment and can’t fit a bassinet and changing table.  The price is $299 and goes from infant to toddler!  Such a great deal.  I like it so much that I bought two for upcoming baby showers on my calendar.

Thank you to Halo for sending the HALO DreamNest™open air sleep system to me for review.  All opinions are my own.


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