Good Sleep and Good Skin

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I am teaming up with it™ bed by Sleep Number to share my secret to glowing skin.

it™ bed by Sleep Number

it™ bed by Sleep Number

it™ bed by Sleep Number

IT Bed by Sleep Number

it™ bed by Sleep Number

The number one question I am asked is: “What one thing can I do to make my skin healthiest?” The answer is always –get more sleep.  Sleep helps your skin recharge and repair.  Without it, you will notice dehydration lines, dark circles, heavy bags, and a dull gray appearance.  If your skin isn’t looking ideal; try adding in more or better quality sleep.

Sleep isn’t always easy for me.  I work two full-time jobs and never seem to have enough time.  Plus getting my brain to shut off at night can be tough.  When it™ bed by Sleep Number reached out to try their new mattress I jumped at the chance.  I love tracking technology and I knew the SleepIQ® app would help me learn where I can improve my sleep habits.

I loved the idea that I could customize my sleep experience and track it through the SleepIQ® app.  In addition to tracking your sleep, the SleepIQ® technology tracks your heart rate and breathing rate.   This has been super helpful in finding a good night’s rest and waking up with fresh, glowing skin.  It even gives me tips on how to sleep better… like drinking enough water throughout the day and not hanging out in bed without the intention of sleeping.  I stopped using the bed as my office to write my blog posts at night and now fall asleep much quicker than I did in the past.

The bed and app were super easy to set up.  I did it all by myself while KP was at work.  What was crazy is that my husband’s Sleep Number® setting is a 70 and mine is 15!  We thought it would totally be the opposite.  For the last three mornings, KP and I compare our SleepIQ® app and he beats me every time!

 I will check back in after a week and let you all know how it is going!

Have you tried the new it™ bed by Sleep Number ?  Head over to their website or Instagram for more information.

Thanks to it™ bed by Sleep Number for sponsoring this post.

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