Four Hand Creams That Work For Dry Irritated Skin

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Best Hand Cream for Cracked Fingers by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Rituals DAO hand balm, Zents UnZented Concreta, EverEden Multi-Purpose Healing Balm, and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration.

To say I wash my hands a lot is an understatement. I wash them before I start with a client, after (even though I wear gloves), after I touch money, before I eat–you get the point! In total, I can wash my hands around 50 times a day. My hands can get really dry if I don’t use the right measures. I know with the new Corona Virus hand washing protocols more people are experiencing the painfully dry hands that come with this much washing. After 15 years in the hand-on beauty industry, I know what’s the best hand cream for cracked fingers and dry hands and what ones are a total waste.

These are my top four:

Best Hand Cream for Cracked Fingers and Dry Hands

  • Rituals – The Ritual of DAO Hand Balm This is the best texture. More like a balm but not greasy at all. I use it at night and also keep one in my purse for on the go.
  • Zents UnZented Concreta – This is awesome if your hands are dry and you are super sensitive to product and scents. This is a THICK balm perfect for right before bed. I scrape a little out of the jar and warm it up by rubbing it in my palms and then apply to hands, wrists and elbows.
  • EverEden BrandMulti-purpose Healing Balm I use this under almost all of the other products. It is super absorbent and soothes! Apply to dry cheeks, lips, hands, cuticles, elbow and just any irritated skin and be amazed when the next day skin feels and looks better. THIS IS A MUST if you wear a mask every day for work. I wear a mask when I do lash extensions and my skin can get a little sensitive and irritated. This Multi-purpose Healing Balm clears it right up. USE CODE DORAN10 from now until May 8 for 10% off your order. It sells out fast.
  • FIRST AID BEAUTYUltra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration This layers well with all of the above to really seal in moisture and comfort overnight. I don’t use this one too much during the day like I do the other but I use it EVERY NIGHT. It works great on the whole body but is really amazing on hands and elbows.

What do you think is the best hand cream for cracked fingers and dry hands? Let me know in a comment below!