Five Products to Keep Skin Looking Younger

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Five Products to Keep Skin Looking Younger


One: Savvy Sleeper Pillow Case  | Two: La Mer Face Mist  | Three: Clinique Eye Cream | Four: Jan Marini SPF  (discount Code: 093623)| Five: Lancer Sheet Mask 
I get clients every month who never took care of their skin because they always thought they had “good skin” growing up.  Then they hit their 40-50s and things change. They come to me to solve years of sun damage and bad habit overnight!  Sadly, it isn’t an easy task.  Good skin starts with good habits. That includes a skin care routine… you can check out my facial nights here.  Skincare isn’t the only thing that will keep your skin in shape.   Diet choices (my biggest downfall) and exercise play a part in healthy skin.  Here are more of my tips to keep skin looking younger.
A good pillowcase is everything!   It can harbor all kinds of gross germs so change it often and material is important. Random I know but these Savvy Sleepers pillowcases help keep your skin from pulling or rubbing on the material.  Plus they are super luxurious.  I am obsessed with them.  My husband and my dog are, too!
 Keeping skin hydrated also is an important factor.  I keep this La Mer Face mist in my car and give myself a spritz a few times a day.  I also like this one from ESPA plus it is half the price.
A weekly facial routine can be fun and relaxing.  I love sheet masks!  They are incredibly easy to use and show instant results in hydration and tone.  I like this one from Lancer and these ones by When.
SPF is my number one tip for keeping skin healthy!  I love a physical block because it sits on the skin instead of a chemical block that is absorbed by the skin.  This one by Jan Marini has a light tint and is super easy to use.  I like to keep this Coola one in my car and use it to touch up.  It sits nicely over makeup and gives a great midday refresh.
What is your best skincare tip?
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