#FITFABFUN VIP Box… A Second Chance

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I had a totally bad experience last time with the FFF box.  So after a bit of back and forth with FFF, they offered to send me a winter box to make up for the disaster of the fall box.  I was pleasantly surprised with it!

My favorite item was the SIMPLE foaming face wash.  It is super soft and works perfectly in the shower.  

Courage Key 

Next up was the super cute Courage key.  A super neat concept.  The Giving Keys necklace is made of a key engraved with an inspirational word.  Where it until you find someone who needs the message more than you.  Then pass it on and inspire more giving!


Also in the box was a Beauty for Real Lip Gloss another really great idea.  It has a mirror and a light.  Perfect for touch-ups!

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

A super soft and yummy eye cream.  I popped it in the fridge to give it a super comforting treat; post time on the computer and term paper writing.  
Also included: a mask from Bioxidea Miracle, NYX New Years Eve eye pallet, a gift card to me undies, Lorna Jane Bracelet and coupon, a pair of really great and stylish ear buds from Truenergy, and a gift card to physique 57!
Overall my winter experience was WAYYY better than the fall.  I loved everything in the box and it all came in perfect condition.  I can’t wait for the spring box!
Want one for yourself?  Head over to FFF and use code SPRING5 for $5 off your first box!
Use code SPRING5 and save $5 off your first box!



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