Cute Easter Basket Fillers for You and Your Mini

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Easter Basket Fillers featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

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Easter Basket Fillers:

I am super excited about my little peanut’s first Easter!  We usually attend Mass and then have brunch.  O is still too young to do an Easter egg hunt so we will stick with our normal schedule for one more year.  I plan on wearing this dress and these shoes this year.  I bought them a few weeks ago for an event I didn’t end up attending and I just love how sweet and feminine they are.

A fun way to spoil yourself this Easter is to make yourself a chic basket.  I like a woven round tray or a basket weave handbag filled with a chic blanket, some skincare, a candle, and some flowers.

For your mini– how cute is this JellyCat Llama?!  Cute bunny slippers, a custom basket liner, book, and puzzle would make any little girl happy this Easter.

Overall, we love Easter for the quiet family time.  I hope you all have a great day and get to enjoy it with people you love.


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