Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro

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LED Light Therapy is something I talk about all the time with clients and with you guys. We all know I am a huge fan. This new Dr. Dennis Gross DRX SPECTRALITE™ FACEWARE PRO is the last device I will ever buy! It is that good.


I won this mask at Sephora during a game of punch-out. You know that Price Is Right game where you punch out one of the many holes in a wall and get the prize inside. I thought my box was empty so I was shocked and super excited to win the big prize! Dr. Dennis Gross’ team mailed it a month later and it sat around. Who knew it would be the BEST LED device I have ever tried.

With all three settings red, blue and amber the one machine will do everything I need. Red helps with anti-aging, blue with acne, and amber with wound healing. One of my major complaints about other masks is that you have to buy each light separately; when you need all three! Another major feature is the hands-free aspect. I can wear it while I work or do chores.

I breakout frequently since having the baby so the blue light in a must-have for me. Three minutes is about all I can manage these days for a face mask and that is all I need with this mask. I noticed a difference in my skin in around a week in of consistent nightly use. My breakouts started clearing up and new ones were less frequent. Now a month in I see a major difference in the number of breakouts I have.

When I have extra time I do a round of blue and red. Since I am not as consistent with the red, the anti-aging results are a bit slower. But, in general, it takes at least 10 weeks to see the appearance of wrinkles to lessen. I am very happy with the results so far and I will keep you guys updated as I continue to use it!

Have you tried the Dr. Dennis Gross DRX SPECTRALITE™ FACEWARE PRO? Let me know in a comment below!

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