Do CBD Skin Care Products Make a Difference?

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Do CBD Skin Care Products Make a Difference? by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman holding and applying Vital Body pain relief cream.

Last week I shared all about my spa day at Vital Body Therapy and I promised to share more about their CBD products.  Does CBD skin care products make a difference?  I had no idea prior to my visit and the last two weeks trying out the muscle and joint pain relief cream.  CBD wasn’t even something on my radar.  Now I have a whole new appreciation for CBD skin care products.

What difference does CBD make in skin and body care? | Do CBD Skin Care Products Make a Difference? by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image a jar of Vital Body Muscle and Joint Pain Relief cream.

Everything you Need to Know About CBD Skin Care Products

CBD comes from the hemp plant but is not the same part of the plant that is psychoactive.  So it won’t get you high.  It isn’t toxic or addictive.  You can’t overuse it.  But, it will work wonders on inflammation and pain.  CBD works by binding with receptors in our body to trigger a response that results in healing in the body.  It also helps with sleep-wake cycles, and mood or stress management.  Basically, it helps your body heal in many ways.

Vital Body Therapeutics

Vital Body Therapeutics makes three CBD skin care products. A muscle & joint relief cream, a roll-on balm, and an Epsom salt soak.   All three contain 50mg of CBD along with herbs and oils that help with muscle fatigue, pain, and inflammation.  I had the opportunity to speak with Kelly one of the founders of Vital Body Therapy.  She told me CBD came to their attention when clients started telling them about the relief they were finding with CBD paired with a massage.  Kelly and her business partner started researching more.  At the time CBD infused body care products were not as readily available or as high quality.

Finding a lack of products they went on the path of creating one that worked, felt luxurious, and could pair in a spa and at home.  The team believes in sustainability and are always looking to improve their process.  While the hemp is grown out of the county in the Pacific Northwest all the manufacturing is done here locally in Santa Cruz.  Vital Body products are solar infused with 14 different plants and herbs in organic safflower, olive, and apricot kernel oil for six weeks.  Herbs like arnica known for centuries to help with bruises, sprains, and inflammation.  Orange another anti-inflammatory and St. Johns Wart also helps with inflammation and has anti-microbial properties.  All three products start with this base of herbs, CBD and oils so each has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation.

My favorite part is how delicious the herbs smell together.  I was worried the products would smell like pot.  They don’t.  All three smell like you stepped into a diffuser in a spa!

What difference does CBD make in skin and body care? | Do CBD Skin Care Products Make a Difference? by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman holding Vital Body Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream and Vital Body Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Balm.

My Personal Experience with CBD Skin Care Products

The day after my CBD massage, I was sore.  I started using the CBD Epsom soak right away.  I put half a bag into a super hot bath and read a book while sipping cold water.  My goal was to stay in there for an hour but with a baby, a crazy dog, and a husband I was happy I got to 45 minutes!  When I got in the bath I could barely move.  My hip felt like I had done a hard workout–like severe muscle fatigue.  After the bath, I felt amazing.  We actually went for a walk around the neighborhood and I felt great.  I slept for 10 hours that night!

Starting that next morning on my way out the door for work I used the On-The-Go Pain Relief Balm both on my hip and shoulder.  I felt great all day and didn’t start to feel my usual arm/carpal pain until later that night.  Before bed I had my husband put the CBD Pain Relief Cream on my shoulder and arm.  The pain relief cream gave me relief and also helped me fall asleep.  Often nights I can’t sleep because my hip and arm are tingling–keeping me awake and driving me crazy.  Paired with the stretches I learned at Vital Body Therapy the CBD Pain Relief Cream has made a world of difference in my arm.  But, the real difference was when I had my husband start using it.

My Husband’s Personal Experience with CBD

My husband broke his collarbone a year ago in a quad accident on a boys weekend to Mexico!  He used CBD during the first few months of his recovery to help with the pain.  A year later, he has some scar tissue, muscle trauma, and nerve issues that all lead to constant pain.  The CBD Pain Relief Cream has been incredible for him.  It gives him enough relief that he falls asleep faster and stays asleep.  He is not easy to impress and he is so impressed we are actually heading to the spa for our anniversary so he can get a CBD massage!  He HATES spas and massages.  But, for the past two weeks, all he can talk about is trying the CBD massage and how great the CBD Pain Relief Cream is.

Does CBD Make a Difference?

So does CBD in Skin+Body Care Make a Difference?  YES!  I am a convert.  I didn’t believe it could make a difference topically.  Now, I will keep all three products the Epsom salt, theOn-The-Go Pain Relief Balm and CBD Pain Relief Cream in my bathroom at all times!  If I still offered massage at my studio this would be the ONLY MASSAGE CREAM I CARRIED! It is that life-changing.  For Christmas, I am sending the CBD Pain Relief Cream to many of my family members who have muscle pains frequently.

If you are a spa professional check out Vital Body Therapeutics for retail and massage back bar options. If you are a spa-goer in California and have plans to travel through or near Santa Cruz STOP BY their spa location to experience a CBD massage.  If you are not in the area pop over to VBT’s online shop.

Have you tried CBD skin care products before?  Share in a comment below!