Deep Sleep…

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Deep Sleep


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Clients always ask me what is the number one thing they can do for their skin.  My answer is always… SLEEP.  As someone who suffers from bad sleeping habits here are my tips for a rest filled night.

  1. Start a nighttime routine.  It helps trigger the brain to shut down and fall asleep.  I limit tv, computers, phones and iPad two hours before bed.  I also wash my face every night!  For days, that were stressful or full of driving I always do a lavender sheet mask.  The cool, heavy sensation helps me to settle in.
  2. I love essential oils and relaxing spa music.  My husband swears by this thing.  He fought me about having it in the room and now he always reminds me to turn it on before bed.
  3. Relaxing facial mists or linen/room sprays.  I LOVE lavender everything.  I keep both of these mists on my bedside table to use on nights I don’t do the masks.  Both instantly unwind my brain.
  4. Soft, comfy sheets.  I like sheets without a pattern.  I feel like they are less busy and distracting.  No science-based thing just a personal preference.
  5. Anti-aging face pillow.  I am totally obsessed with these.  I don’t even use the pillowcases that come with sheet sets now.  I have sewn them all into dog bed covers so Louis’s bed matches mine!  These anti-aging pillowcases are PERFECT for lash extensions, sensitive skin, and acne.  They are soft and silky so they don’t tug on your hair, lashes or skin.

What is your favorite sleep habit or item?

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  1. June 10, 2016 / 6:50 am

    These are some great ideas. A few I’ve never thought about for sleep. I need to get into essential oils, I am seeing a lot about them.

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