Deep Sleep Foot Cream

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Deep Sleep foot cream ft. essential scented by you



Lavender Hungary // Vetiver // Patchouli // Essentially Scented by You Tallow Body Butter (use code DORAN for 20% off!)

I don’t sleep well.  Since Luca passed my sleep patterns have been worse.  Two nights ago I remembered I had these amazing Rocky Mountian Oils and ESY Tallow Body Butter.  This combo makes the BEST deep sleep foot mask.  It isn’t a cure-all and I didn’t sleep the entire night but I did get several hours of sleep that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t make this mask.

Here is how I made it.

Place 3tbs ESY Tallow Body Butter  in a small bowl.  Add 10 drops of Lavender Hungary, 5 drops patchouli and 5 drops vetiver.  I would have added Eucalyptus but I ran out. Mix thoroughly and apply half to each foot 30 minutes before bed.  Cover with a pair of socks.  The tallow body butter occludes the oils to the skin and keeps them working longer.  The socks give an even deeper level of occlusion; I tend to kick them off once I fall asleep.  An added bonus of this mask is I woke up with the softest feet ever! The second night I saved a bit and put it on my chest for extra sleepy time power.

Why these oils?

Lavender Hungary Essential Oil’s sweet floral aroma can promote general mental and physical well-being. It is known for its wonderfully familiar aroma that will sweep you into a restful sleep.

Patchouli Essential Oil’s musky, herbal, and earthy aroma can balance your busy mind and support your digestive system.  I like to meditate with this aroma diffused around me to uplift emotions.

Vetiver Essential Oil’s strong earthy and balsamic aroma can attune your mind and calm your nervous system. I like to use it when I feel overwhelmed and distracted.

More about the Essentially Scented by You Tallow Body Butter

This amazing body butter has featured on my Snapchat and Twitter several times.  I use it for so many different things.  Foot masks, hand masks, and a full body treatment are just a few ways I incorporate the ESY Tallow Body Butter in my nightly routines.  I love that you can blend oils in it to focus on a specific problem.  Whatever I blend in it, I wake up with super soft skin.  The body butter is organic and gluten free! It will be in my travel bag to Canada next week for sure.

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