Day 1 of the Skin Care Shape-Up Challenge

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My Skin Care Plan For Week 1 of The Skin Care Shape-Up Challenge.

I am a huge fan of Jan Marini Skin Research and their Skin Care Management Set.  Naturally my plan starts with that and includes a few extras to jump start my skin health.  I have dry skin that is prone to breakouts and I have been using Glycolic, retinol and other AHAs for some time now.  So this plan is for someone with similar skin.  

If you have oily skin switch the moisturizers to Age Intervention Peptide Extreme AM and PM and switch the Cesta Serum to Cesta OC.  If you are not accustomed to AHAs (never used them or it has been more than 1 month since use) skip the Duality, Transitions and BioClear cream in the AM; instead use BioClear cream every other PM, for this first week.
To save on time I usually get in the shower during my masking time or clean my vanity or some other task.  It usually takes me around 5-6 minutes to complete all the steps (when no mask) so if it is taking more time than that; you are using too much product!  In general I use 1 pump of each or a pearl size amount.  The masks should be a thin layer, that you can see through.  Email me or leave a comment if you have questions about anything!


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