Crobars at San Diego’s Donut Bar

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I have been dreaming of a cronut since +Bryan Boy posted about them years ago.  I am now excited to say I found a similar one here in San Diego!  Of course, they call them crobars, but the concept is still the same.  Half-donut, and half-croissant filled with custard and topped with frosting.  YUM!!  They were super rich and I could only finish half at a time and they kept well in the fridge.
I found them over at the Donut Bar  The line was about a 20-minute wait at 9 am so overall, not bad.  They post the menu the day before, and I recommend checking it before you go; they only have crobars on certain days.  The salted caramel and the creme brulee were perfections as well!  I was not a fan of the blood orange.  Can’t wait to go back!





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