Creating Peace With Rituals New Jing Collection

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Rituals Jing Collection by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Rituals Jing Collection  foaming shampoo, hair and body mist, and soothing body cream on a shower shelf.

The Rituals Jing Collection was just released to help inspire peace, calm, and relaxation during this very stressful time. The new Ritual of Jing is a rich blend of calming lavender and sacred lotus, the scent is perfect to help relax. I set it up in my shower with warm steam, the Jing meditation audio file (available on the Rituals website or their app), and the shower foam + body mist. It almost feels like my favorite spa.

Rituals Jing Collection

The body mist is just lovely. One spray is about all you need. The body cream is rich and super hydrating. I use it at night before jumping into bed and feel almost guilty about washing it off the next morning it feels that great. It is rich but greasy and absorbs almost instantly while leaving my skin feeling nourished for sleep. The scent is lovely and after absorption is the perfect amount. I could not be more in love with this new collection!

I know all the other mamas out there can use a few minutes of relaxation and calm too so I partnered with Rituals to gift you 20% off on their site.

Use the link in my bio or stories plus code DORAN20 for 20% off an order! I ordered the new shower oil and can’t wait to try it!

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