How to Create a Valentine’s Day Basket For Children

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Valentine's Day  Basket for girls featured by top CA lifestyle blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a day Olivia is in school so we’ve talked a bit about exchanging cards and candy during her school party. She is so excited about it I decided to make a little Valentine’s Day basket this year to surprise her when she wakes up. I found all of this at Target (minus the basket it was in my garage) with most of it from the Bullseye $1 aisle. Most of it is available on Amazon Prime, too! Shop it all below.

Valentine’s Day Basket Essentials:

I found these Crayola body wash pens and finger paint and I know Olivia will love them. The bath Playdoh is the perfect way for her to play with her favorite treat without me having to clean up a huge mess. She is so into painting her nails I was excited to find Piggy Paint. A non-toxic, water based nail polish for kids. I popped in a few other things I found– some candy hearts, art kits, Gabby’s Dollhouse stamp set and an Encanto travel clipboard art set.

Shop my Valentine’s Day Basket Essentials: