Cooking With a Toddler

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After reading a half dozen books about how to not raise a picky eater I realized I had to cook at home more Cooking with a toddler can be tough!  I was worried about oil popping her or her finding something dangerous in a drawer while I was distracted.  Yes, some crazy things happened the first several times.  Like Olivia emptying out EVERY cabinet, she could reach or throwing all the food on the floor when I turned to grab something.  Over the last few months, I learned a few tips to make things easier.

Cooking With a Toddler by popular California lifestyle blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of woman and her daughter cooking in the kitchen.

Cooking With a Toddler

  1. Get a learning stool.  These are awesome step stools that put the toddler at the right hight to help out cooking but keeps them safe from falling or getting into things.  Olivia helps me sort vegetables into piles and in the future, I will let her help prep salads and things that can tear easily.
  2. When I start to cook, I pop her into her highchair a safe distance from the stove, with a few raw veggies for her to try eating.
  3. HelloFresh makes quick meals super simple.  We love their menu and usually order two meals a week to help with busy nights.  Everything I need is in one bag and the meals usually take less than 30 minutes to make.  Use code DORANPOMA80 for $80 off your first month! That is 8 FREE MEALS!! Check out this week’s menu or click the link in bio.
  4. We make a big deal about setting the table and all eating together.  We count out 3 forks, plates, cups, etc. to help with learning to count and how to say what things are. While I cook my husband usually does this with Olivia.  Most nights he is just walking in the door as the meal finishes so I grab everything and put it in the middle of the table to prep for them.
  5. We do the same when we clear the table and she helps bring the cups to the sink.

For the most part, we like to get Olivia involved in everything.  I feel like it makes her realize meals take work and don’t just magically appear.  We sing songs or make up little games while we sort to make it educational.  While some nights I am tired and just want to throw things in the oven I know that teach her healthy eating habits now will help her in the long run.

How do your kiddos help out in the kitchen?

Thank you to HelloFresh for sending us a box to tryout!


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