California Girl Daily Beauty Routine

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Daily Beauty Routine featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide; Image of a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses at the beach.

Daily Beauty Routine

I think when people hear “California” they immediately think of Hollywood or San Francisco.  CA is so much more than those two towns with over 163,696 sq miles of coast, farmland, desert, mountains, plains, forests and more we have a huge diversity of beliefs.  For me, beauty is about my surroundings and tricks my grandmother taught me growing up.

My grandmother was from Japan and moved here after marrying an American soldier (my grandpa) who finish out his career here in the old Fort Ord.  After he passed my grandma worked odd jobs to support their 3 kids.  From backbreaking field work, caregiving, and restaurant work all were new and out of what she was raised to be.  Her family back in Japan were wealthy merchants; she was taught to stay out of the sun, walk daily to keep flexible and ALWAYS have proper posture.  I remember her telling me posture was the first thing people see when you walk into a room– your skin and smile was second.

A good chiropractor and refillable water bottle are a must-have!  Pilates, barre or CrossFit we just super believe in always moving to keep young and fit.  (Something I need to work harder at!)

Growing up I spent a ton of time outdoors always slathered on sunscreen, a hat and long sleeves no matter the weather!  To this day I keep sunscreen and a hat in my car.  These days I prefer to dust on mineral/physical SPF like this one from Supergoop.

Next, California is known for and we really do live a “green” life.  That has many meanings! 😜We ate a ton of greens growing up and I always took vitamins, green juices, and spent a ton of time in the lush green forests that surround Monterey.

Beach waves or ponytails no need to choose just one but the environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner is a must.

Skincare and a daily beauty routine is everything.  I can’t tell you how many conversations I get into about what cleanser I am using or what moisturizer the girl behind the coffee counter swears by.  Glowing, fresh-looking skin is everything and everywhere.  I use around 11 products every night and totally different ones during the day.  I know that isn’t for everyone but if you want great skin you really have to invest the time and money into having it.

Never leave the house without a bit of powder, a little mascara, a bit of glow, and a done brow.

Nutrition is almost religious here.  I am enjoying Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest book, The Clean Plate and True Roots by Kristen Cavallari.  Both have easy to understand advice and recipes that have easily made it on to my table.

Go with the flow.  So much about my home state is laid back.  From S.F. to San Diego we love a good beach day and a casual vibe—unless you are on the 405 at 5 pm then it is an intense no hold back free for all!


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