BumoWORK The New Coworking and Nursery Program in Century City L.A.

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BumoWork by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a room with a grey ombre balloon garland, pocket chart holder, wooden tables with educational toys, and a life-size stacked letter block structure.

The last year and a half, for working moms, brought to light so many new questions about the roles of mothers. I felt invisible and often times drowning as I try to navigate two businesses, motherhood, running my home, and homeschooling my toddler, plus for most of the first year, figuring out how to be a speech therapist until they opened back up. Across the internet, we saw memes of men doing their usual as moms held down entire brigades of kids distance learning, online medical appointments, cooking, cleaning, sanitizing all while struggling to work at the same time. Many of my mom friends chose to leave the workforce. Many are bitter about having to make that choice.

Over the weekend, I visited Los Angeles to meet with a few new vendors for the store and a few brands for the blog. It was a packed 48 hours that left me excited to be out of the house on my own and kinda jealous of options available to moms and business owners in bigger cities. BumoWork is an innovative and incredible advancement for working moms with small children. A space to work, meet and get things done while having your little one just feet away is an incredible idea.

BumoWork Co-Working and Nursery Program

Credentialed and educated teachers guide infants through pre-K-aged children in daily learning. The BumoBrain curriculum is heavily geared towards STEAM learning. We’ve loved our experience with their online learning programs this past year. These new in-person programs look even more incredible. Each nook is geared towards learning and exploring for each age group. I wish we had something like this in Monterey but being such a small town– I know it will be decades before we see something like this.

The BumoWORK space is clean, collaborative, and useful. From tech centers, a private phone booth, refreshment stations, meeting spaces, and cubbies to work privately, every square foot is thoughtfully arranged and used. The space was bright and inviting and I could see myself happily working away on backend blog/ecomm tasks while Olivia plays and mingles in the back childcare area.

The kid center was AMAZING!! Split into two secured areas –infants and toddlers. The infant area had a playroom and nap room with age-appropriate toys. The child areas are only accessible to staff while children are present.

The toddler and preschool area was super fun. I could see Olivia having the best time there. With dress-up stations, quiet nooks, books galore, an indoor jungle gym for rainy days, and plenty of educational toys to keep little ones busy the whole space is thoughtfully curated. Both the infant center and toddler centers are more than just daycare with each day having an engaging learning experience similar to the one BumoBrain offers.

The prices and hours were super flexible! With daytime and date night and weekend packages available. How great would a date night be with childcare be?

I wish we lived closer so I could utilize BumoWork! For all my Los Angeles readers that have little ones under 5, pop over to the BumoWork website and book a tour. I really hope to see this model brought nationwide so more moms can get this level of support. Not in Los Angeles, BumoBrain is online and a great way to get little ones engaged in learning.

I’ll be honest, while the novelty of distance learning is new to most of us the stress of working while being a mom is not. I’ve worked with my baby strapped to my back her whole life. Childcare is not readily available in our small town and I don’t have family that could help me. So the only option is to work and mom. I’m hopeful that now that more women see how hard it is, they will step forward and create solutions like BumoWork.

On a side note: Bumo is starting a scholarship fund for working parents called the Future of Family.  They are trying to give working parents (especially moms) access to their amazing programs. If you can pledge even just $25 that would be really meaningful so that ALL working moms could give their children access to success.  Here is the link to the iFundWomen page with more information, and thank you so much in advance for all of your support! And, YES! I personally pledged.

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