BumoBrain Enrichment Class Review

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Bumobrain Review by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a little girl doing a art activity and using a dot marker.
We ran through the sprinklers to cool off before starting our assignemnts.

If you follow along on my IGS then you know how happy I am with Bumo Brain. So today I thought I’d share my personal Bumobrain review here. We started in the summer. I chose Bumo because I felt lost. Olivia stopped speaking during the quarantine. No one is available to help and everyone I spoke with just said, “Read more!” We read all day long and that wasn’t helping. I knew she needed interaction with anyone who wasn’t me.

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She was over me after being locked together in a house for 4 months straight. I could tell she also missed her old classes and activities. So I enrolled in a Bumo enrichment virtual class. We started with BumoBeats ABCs/123s. Olivia loved it instantly. She was so happy to see other kids her age.

Bumobrain Review

We had started music/sing-a-long classes when she was 6 months old and I could tell she missed it. The Bumobeats was a great alternative. It is the perfect blend of virtual education and unplugged learning for little ones! I was so impressed I signed Olivia up for more enrichment classes and the full course for 1/2-year-olds.

Bumobrain Review by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a little girl wearing a pink leotard, pink tutu, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers and doing ballet.

No matter where we are, work or home, we can do the Bumo program of prerecorded videos, worksheets, and live videos. I was happily surprised when I realized Bumo does a Friday “social” class. So far we have tried, karate, ballet, magic, and a day on the farm! Fridays also include a storytime, movement class, and art projects.

I’m going to be honest, some days it is tough to get Olivia to focus. She is 2! But, most days it is such a weight off my shoulders knowing she is learning and advancing without me having to research every lesson. We are still working on her language skills but I feel better seeing how much she understands and can follow along with the lessons.

Right now, Bumo is celebrating their 1 year birthday! Use code DORAN50 to save 50% off any class. The enrichment classes are age-specific and focus on a single subject like Korean, science, ABCs, or animals just to name a few! I think they are a great way to try out the Bumo program. Each class has no more than 6 kids to 1 teacher to keep it engaging and hands-on. If you are a work-from-home mom worried about too much tech time these classes are a great way to plug in for 30 minutes of fun and education then finish with a worksheet or project offline.

Bumobrain Review by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: Pinterest image of a little girl playing with colorful scarves.

A quick tip: I recommend setting up a desk area and working from a tablet. We tried my laptop and phone but the tablet worked best. A small desk and chair helped Olivia focus better. We tried the highchair and kitchen table but found the desk most efficient. I found that Olivia having her own space makes her realize when we are doing “school” time versus just playing on the iPad.

What did you find most helpful about this Bumobrain review? Have you tried Bumo? What tips do you have for homeschooling; leave them below in the comments.