Build the Ultimate Kids Party Favor Bag + Peeks of Our Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

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Kids Party Favor Bag featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

Olivia turned 1!  I won’t lie I planned her first birthday party for over 6 months.  Everything turned out amazing.  I knew I wanted a Mickey Mouse Club theme.  She loves the cartoon and I thought it would be fun for her to see the characters around her house that she knew.

I found most things on Etsy and Party City; then I made a ton of the decorations by hand.  It took about 3 days to set everything up!  By the morning of the party, I had everything done and we relaxed for an hour before everyone arrived.

The three things I focused on were:

  1. Gift Bags for the Kids
  2. A Dessert Table
  3. Red/Yellow decorations around the house

For decorations, I hunted down red, yellow, and black balloons.  I also found puffs and paper lanterns to help add color.  I wish I had done a balloon tower on each spindle of the stairs; I think it would have looked better if it was fuller.

I found a seller on Etsy that did fun hats, signs, and paper bags to add the other clubhouse characters into the mix.

To finish the theme I found red and yellow plates, cups, and forks.

The dessert table was my favorite!!

I found a local baker to make the cupcakes, Mickey Krispie treat heads, and ADORABLE sugar cookies.  Then on Etsy, I found this gummy table decoration (not edible), lolly pop head (super easy to DIY yourself) plus the Mickey pretzels and chocolate-covered Oreos.  The same company that did the gummy Mickey made these cute Mickey cake pops.

For the gift bags, I called on a few past sponsors who made some awesome kid-friendly items.

Kids Party Favor Bag featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

Kids Party Favor Bag

What was included:

  1. Mickey Shaped Crayons with a note from Olivia c/o
  2. Custom Mickey color pages c/o
  3. Usa Toyz Party favors.  The kids seemed to really love these! c/o
  4. Yowie Chocolate Suprise.  I loved these.  It is a small bit of chocolate with a collectible toy inside that teaches kids about endangered species! c/o
  5. Surprizamals The Kids LOVED these!  They were trading them back and forth.  c/o
  6. Mickey-shaped Gold Fish Snacks – to help with the theme and soak up some of that sugar! c/o
  7. Mickey Pals custom-made kids party favor bag

All the kids were happy with their gift bags and I also gave them a small bag they could fill up with treats.

We had so much fun!  I already have plans for birthday number 2.  But, I did learn a few things that I will change next year.  First, not so many sweets!  I think I will just get the chocolate Oreos, pretzel sticks, cookies, Krispie treats, and a regular cake.  Two, it rained and thundered.  So crazy for Monterey to have May rain but I learned to have an indoor backup plan.  We had to ditch all of the outdoor activities.  I wish I had bought the 100-string pinata instead of the traditional one.  It is much more indoor friendly.  Lastly, appetizers seem to be easier to serve!  Everyone loved the little wedge on a stick salad I did plus we had mini tri-tip sliders that were AH-MAZING!

A giant Happy Birthday to our little peanut!

Kids Party Favor Bag featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

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