Books I Packed For The Beach

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These last few weeks I’ve read more than I have in years. Once I got back into the habit of it the routine of it just got easier. I like to finish the night with a book and I’ve switched to listening to books and podcasts instead of music on my drives. Here is a roundup of some of my faves and misses over the last month and all the books I packed for the beach!

The Maid by Nita Prose

A thriller like none I’ve ever read. The Maid is a typical whodunnit it but with a twist. I really enjoyed the protagonist Molly and having the story told through her experience over a week following the discovery of her top tipping guest. A series of things happening in Molly’s life up to that moment comes crashing in around her as she tries to discover the truth and clear her name. This is a must-read! Available now on Amazon and Audible and

The Palace Papers by Tina Brown

Loved. The stories about the Queen’s early years in power all the way down to some untold stories of Harry and Meaghan were all great. I think she did a great job of retelling the Charles and Camilla days— some of the stories were new and not in any of the other books about the royals I’ve ever read. Same with stories about Prince William and Prince Harry. Overall, this was a long but fun read. Available on Amazon and

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley

This took me a couple of chapters to get into but then it really sucked me in. I laughed with Lola and just felt her. As someone who never really dated much before marriage Lola’s week-long adventure of running into exes and having to be honest with herself about what went wrong is tough to watch but her self-discovery isn’t. OHH and Lola is currently engaged which makes these little coincidences evaluate that relationship too! But, then the real twist is a cultish sckeme she gets sucked into by a pair of her friends. From start the finish this book had me going WTF but laughing the whole way. Available on Amazon and

American Royals Book 3 Rivals by Katherine McGee

The best book of the series yet. A fun twist on American history and in this book World history if after the American Revolution we chose to be a monarchy. The Washington family and their friends are the main characters and we follow them through some crazy ups and downs. The characters really grew up in this book. The new found friendship between Nina and Daphney was my favorite but like all the books in the series, we leave with that on a cliffhanger. Such a quick and easy and fun summer read with some more heavy topics covered than in books past. Available on Amazon and

Liking Myself Back by Jacey Duprie

When influencers I follow now or in the past release books I tend to buy them. This one I listened to on Audible on my drive home from camping. It was interesting to hear how Jacey got her start loving fashion and how it filled a void for her in her tumultuous childhood. For a while, I followed her because she seemed relatable and I liked the outfits she put together.

In her book, I liked the college days and stories about Texas—-but when it got to how she started as an influencer it was interesting and disheartening. Basically, like so many other influencer books she talks about how fake the industry is but she kept going because she makes millions from it. I appreciated her telling EXACTLY how much work she puts into cold email, creating relationships, and basically going into debt to get in the inner circle of high fashion just to lose it all by getting pregnant. Unlike so many influencer books before hers, she really talks the truth about the work behind the pictures. Jacey isn’t one that just got lucky and boom instant front row invites like so many others in the industry. She comes off as barely likable and someone who desperately wants to be at the cool girl’s table but keeps getting her seat taken when she gets up. Overall, it was a good book if you are interested in the influencer industry. Jacey really lays out the exact steps she took and still takes to land deals and thrive as an influencer. Available on Amazon and

The Last Thing He Told Me By Laura Dave

Another great thriller with a twist. Hannah Hall meets the man of her dreams and moves cross country to Sausalito to marry him, help raise his daughter and live happily ever after. Until the tech company he works for gets raided and Hannah’s husband disappears! Hannah and her step-daughter go on a mission to find him, clear his name and bring him home. On the way, they discover long-buried secrets, sketchy characters, and a devastating truth. The ending is one that will stay with me for years to come. Available now on Amazon and

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

SUCH. A. GREAT. BOOK! I was on a thrill ride with this one. For this story, I used to listen, and wow it was such good narrating. I finished in a day! If you only pack one book on vacation make it this one. Available on Amazon and

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