Bliss Mighty Biome Review and Reveal

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Bliss Mighty Biome Reviewed by Haute Beauty Guide

Bliss Mighty Biome Review

The newest in the Bliss line aims to help recover dry, overly sensitive and damaged skin.

What Is Bliss Mighty Biome?

Bliss Mighty Biom is a 3 piece set powered by pre+post -biotics and an exclusive Barrier Aid Complex, to help strengthen the microbiome of the skin. The good bacteria that support healthy skin.

Who Should Use Bliss Mighty Biome?

If you are worried about limited ingredients, like a lower price point but still keep quality and have sensitized skin due to harsh ingredients, Vitamin A, environment, etc. OR if you have naturally extra dry skin.

Bliss Mighty Biome Reviewed by Haute Beauty Guide

A Closer Look at the Bliss Mighty Biome Set?

Bliss Mighty Biome Pre/Post Biotics Barrier Aid Skin Balancing Milky Toner + Serum – This is a thick hydrating toner/serum. It absorbs quickly and totally doesn’t need pads to apply. Take a small two pea-sized amount and spread it across the face, neck, and chest to help soothe and hydrate skin. Use it first in your routine immediately after washing your face.

Ultra-Hydrating Moisture Concentrate– Thick and very occlusive. Perfect if your skin drinks up moisturizer faster than you can apply it. This would make a great high-altitude, cold weather cream to help protect the skin. The whole set would. I like that it contains BETA CAROTENE to help protect from free radicals and CERAMIDE NP to help strengthen the skin’s barrier plus retain moisture.

Deep Cleansing Balm– Thick and greasy like you want in a good makeup removing, SPF melting cleansing balm. GREAT as an evening pre-cleanse. I absolutely love the texture of this and how well it removes every trace of dirt, oil, makeup, and SPF. My skin feels plump, hydrated, and happy after.


Extra Notes

The collection is VEGAN, Cruelty-Free, and comes in aluminum packaging to infinitely recycle!


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