Beauty Advent Calendars 2019

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Holiday Advent Calendars are starting to pop into shops!  I have so much fun with these every year.  This is where I’ll keep a running list of calendars I find this year, what is in stock and when to expect calendars to drop.  I will update it weekly so check back if something sells out.  They usually come back into stock a few days later.

  • Nars- This is new this year and I am so excited about it!  I’ll shoot an unboxing this weekend and post it to Youtube and Instastories with a link here next week.  24-day calendar, available now, $150
  • Elemis- I LOVED this calendar last year and I am just excited about it this year.  Again, I will release an unboxing video on social channels with a link here next week.  24-day calendar, available for pre-order, $215
  • Sephora- They did a great calendar last year with tons of super handy travel items like polish remover wipes and face wipes.  It was so great, that I got it for my 13-year-old niece this year.  24-day calendar, available now, $45
  • Rituals- This was the BIGGEST surprise in beauty advent calendars last year.  It was super hard to get my hands on it but so worth the hunt.  The items were all awesome and the candles were a great treat/surprise.  For $100 I am shocked at how luxurious this calendar feels.  24-day calendar, available now, $89
  • Jo Malone- My favorite treat to myself every year.  Full of travel size luxuries and one full-size treat, this is a great way to try out all of JMs fragrances plus they add in a few exclusives each year.  24-day calendar, available Now, $450
  • L’Occitane- This year they have two price points!  The regular signature calendar a 24-day calendar, available now, $59 and the luxury calendar.  Also available now, $124
  • Sussanne Kaufman- 24 luxury bath, hair and body products all in reusable glass jars.  This is my most wanted this year! 24-day calendar, available now, $235 at Net-a-porter
  • Net-a-porter- !!!! This looks amazing and I expected it to be way more expensive.  24 items from product lines found at Net-a-porter.  I can’t wait to unbox this one.  24-day calendar, available now, $204
  • Diptyque- I got this one last year and it was a nice treat.  A very high price point and most of the treats were candles. 24-day calendar, waitlist status, $390
  • Clinique- 24-day calendar, available now, $84
  • Balmain- 24-day calendar, available now, $154
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  • Kiehl’s- This isn’t the big luxury one they sell in the UK but a smaller version.  It is still 24 days, available now, sells out fast, $70
  • Kikki K – This was really fun last year and I got it again.  A fun alternative to chocolate or beauty.  The stationery items have been fun to use all year.  24-day calendar, available now, $99
  • The Body Shop-  Three price points this year.  A starter at $70, a luxe at $110 and a super luxury $225 all three are 24-days and available now!
  • ESPA- I am looking forward to this one.  No details yet.  But, 24-day calendar, available now, $220
  • Charlotte Tilbury- I get this every year and really like that it has exclusive items and travel items.  12-day calendar, available now, $200
  • Molton Brown – I got this one a few years ago and it is stunning.  Cute packaging, great items and some exclusives to the calendar.  24-days, available now, $250
  • Atelier Cologne Luxury Advent Calendar – If you are a perfume lover this is a perfect match.  24-days, available now, $350

I’ll add more plus links to unboxing videos as they become available.