Tips For Beating Acne

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Over the years I have tried everything to beat back my breakouts.  Here are my top tips for beating acne.

1. Ice. Ice helps inflammation from getting worse. Pre-freeze some little dixie cups with ice.  Completely cleanse your skin first, then ice your zits for a minute or two.  Working in circular motions and never staying in one spot too long.  I like these face rollers to help.

2. Get unionized salt. Iodides are the culprit in the foods that you eat – it irritates the follicle walls and breaks you out.
3. Cut out/back dairy, legumes, and wheat! Stop eating peanut butter, peanuts, and/or peanut oil.  Try organic, unsalted Almond butter. Legumes like soy are a major irritant to hormones and acne.
4. Use fragrance-free laundry soap, and toss out the fabric softener and the softener sheets. Fabric softener is basically wax residue  – that’s the softness that you feel. The wax rubs off on your skin clogging your pores and irritating the skin! Try this scented vinegar instead.

5. Start taking zinc supplements. I prefer zinc monomethine. Eat first before taking or you could feel a little-upset stomach.

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