Autumn Essential Oil Blends

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autumn-oil blends and Rocky Mountain Oil Flash Sale

autumn essential oil

autumn-oil blends and Rocky Mountain Oil Flash Sale

It is finally FALL!  We actually had weather under 70 degrees this week.  I was so excited I went ahead and decorated for Fall and Halloween.  Usually, I buy a bunch of candles and room sprays but this year I decided to make my own blends from my Rocky Mountain Oil collection.

This new blend I made smells like a log cabin in the woods… or your favorite flannel sheets…. I feel like it should be called mountain man!

What you need:

5 drops Frankincense

5 drops Blossoms (on sale for 30% off)

7 drops lavender – Blend of rose is pictured and it works well but the lavender makes it way better!

5 drops orange

5 drops pine

5 drops bergamot

The first night I diffused this I had a few friends over and they were going nuts for it.  It smells amazing!  I even blend it at my spa to give it a cozy and warm feeling.

You can use the blend directly in a diffuser or put it in a glass spray bottle with some distilled water to make a room/linen spray.

autumn-oil blends and Rocky Mountain Oil Flash Sale

autumn-oil blends and Rocky Mountain Oil Flash Sale

autumn-oil blends and Rocky Mountain Oil Flash Sale

To make a delicious and hydrating body scrub/mask:

What you need:

A small glass jar… a jam jar works great

3 tablespoons of sugar

1.5 tablespoons of coconut oil ( I use the coconut oil I have in my kitchen but if you like a lighter/softer scrub try this one from Rocky Mountain Oils.  It is scent free for those who hate the smell of coconut.  It’s on sale!)

15 drops of each of…

Orange Essential Oil

Cinnamon (on sale 30% off!)

Clove (on sale 40% off!)

A bowl to blend and a spatula

What to do:

Mix oil and sugar together in a bowl.  Add oils in after the oil and sugar is blended.  If you are going to use the scrub that day just bring the bowl with you into the shower.  I would use a plastic bowl to prevent broken dishes!  For use later in the week put in a small glass jar.  It saves up to two weeks but I recommend using it within the week.

How to use:

Wet skin and then turn off the shower.  Or if you have a steam shower just turn on the steam and let your skin get wet.  It is ok to leave steam on during the scrub.  Grab a handful of scrub and work in circular motions on skin.  I avoid the feet so I don’t slip in the shower… oil and water and all!!!

Let the scrub remain on the skin for 5-10 minutes and rinse off.  Your skin will feel soft and hydrated after.  The oil is a natural moisturizer.

Try doing double duty and throw on a face mask while you are waiting 5-10 minutes for the scrub to set up.


PS…These make amazing gifts!

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