At Home Facial Night

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Sunday’s lineup for at home facial day! #facialathome #bblogger

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Facials at home don’t replace an in spa session, but they are a great way to stretch out the results.  Here are

some of my favorite products and tips for a successful at-home spa night.

My Favorite Tips

  1. It is way more fun with a friend, your favorite TV night and a glass of wine.  
  2. Don’t try to duplicate an in-spa facial— with strong products and layers.  { Really, there is no need to start an allergic reaction or burn. }
  3. Pick your products before hand and have a game plan.  This prevents rushing or bumbling along.



My Favorite Products— This WEEK

  1. Cleanser- Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser– I love this cleanser more than any other skincare product I own or covet.  Not only does it remove makeup, leave skin feeling fresh BUT exfoliates.  Just keep it away from the eye area…ouch.  {code 093623 gets you a small discount at checkout!}
  2. Anti-Aging Treatment- Jan Marini Cesta–  Another everyday favorite… this Vitamin C packed treatment gives skin that just had a facial glow.  I use it every morning and night on every inch of my face, neck and decollete.  {code 093623 gets you a small discount at checkout!}
  3. Phytomer Peeling Vegetal–  I recently fell hard for this mask.  It is an enzyme peel that I accidentally discovered you can gommage if you leave it on long enough!  Super old school I know but it leaves my skin soft, glowing and is uber sensitive.
  4. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster–  This isn’t a product I use normally but with all the flying and traveling that has been in my schedule I needed a little water-based boost!  This serum is amazing.  I put a small amount on under the Gold mask and then mixed a bit more with the XMF cream for a bit more of a boost.
  5. Jan Marini Luminate Eye Gel– I have dark circles ALL THE TIME… blah.  I was skeptical when Amanda my favorite JMSR rep called to tell me about the new eye gel that would banish my under eye issues… BUT it actually works.  Now they aren’t totally gone but they are drastically diminished.  I am really pleased with the product.  It’s a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way.  I am on the same bottle I bought 3 months ago and still have a bit more to go.  ( I used this under the gold mask as a treatment and then followed up with an eye cream after I moisturized.)  {code 093623 gets you a small discount at checkout!}
  6. Passport to Beauty Gold Radiance Mask– Kim Kardashian Instagramed this mask and I knew I needed to give it a try.  I was worried because gold earring gives me a horrible reaction.  This mask was super fun and easy to use PLUS no bad reaction; just beautiful glowy skin.
  7. Strivectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner-  I was sent this as a press sample and so far I like it.  It is a bit stronger than my usual retinol and I noticed some red flaky patches, but they went away after about a week.  (to speed up acclimation I used the Peeling Vegetale mask but did NOT gommage it; just a warm towel rinse)
  8. Phytomer XMF Cream–  I like this cream a lot!  But it is UBER pricey, thankfully a little goes a long way.   The smell is a bit perfumey, but the results are worth it.  My skin feels so soft and really well hydrated when I use it without that greaseball feeling.    For me, because it is thicker, it really is more of a cold weather or travel cream.  Ps… no breakouts!
  9. Christie Brinkley Close Up Wrinkle Treatment–  I like to use this as an all over eye cream.  It really perks up the eye area and leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated but not greasy.
  10. Jan Marini Juveneck–  My must have all the time product.  My grandmother told me to look at a woman’s neck to tell her true age and so it is my constant worry… I don’t want an old wrinkly neck.  I have seen amazing improvements in my own neck and decollete but have seen unbelievable results on some of my clients!  This product seems frivolous but is really a must have. {code 093623 gets you a small discount at checkout!}



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