Expanding My Shoe Closet With Amope

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**This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.**

I have at least 6 pairs of shoes that sit in my closet that I never wear. Don’t we all? It is almost like when we buy them, we have an adrenaline cloud over the beauty of the shoes that we do not realize how uncomfortable they actually are. Then we get home and they just sit on the shelf mocking us. I’ll take them down every so often but never even make it out of the house with them still on. Their beauty is the only thing that keeps me from getting rid of them.

These red suede shoes were stunning in the store, but I never wear them. The block heel is comfy but the arch hits me in a weird spot. I knew I needed insoles but with so many at Target to choose from I didn’t know what to get. When Amopé™ Gel Activ™ contacted me about trying one of their four insoles I jumped at the chance with these specific shoes in mind.

Find them at Target with the Cartwheel app!

After a quick trip to Target with my Cartwheel app, I researched the four options available. Extreme heel option sounded exactly like what I needed for my red suede shoes. Also, I grabbed a pair of the Open Shoe style for another pair of shoes I have sitting on the shelf. There is also an Everyday Heels option and a Flat Shoe option. An insole for every shoe type. They were all easy to find in the insole section of the pharmacy area at my local Target. Plus the Cartwheel app had a 5% off coupon!

Each insole is made of a thin super comfy gel that makes my uncomfortable shoes feel easier to wear for a long period of time. The Amopé Gel Activ Insoles have support that is tailored to the pressure points created by the different types of shoes women wear. Extreme heels have support on the ball of the foot and extra arch support; after putting them in my shoes I felt like I was wearing a totally different pair. A lot of times shoes just don’t fit me right in the arches and these extreme heel inserts helped correct that for me.

Each version has a unique purpose; arch support and ball of foot support for everyday heels, heel support for flat shoes and extra cushioning on the ball of the foot and narrow design for open shoe insoles. Amopé is made of a sticky material and does not lose their tack, even if removed from one shoe and put in another. I only bought one set of the extreme heels and have used it in three different pairs of shoes.

Where to Buy

These are a shoe saver for me. It is like I doubled my shoe closet all without buying a single new pair of shoes! I call these insoles my new secret weapon for uncomfortable shoes. Shop them now at your local Target store. They are super easy to find in the foot aisle near the pharmacy. Don’t forget your cell phone with the Cartwheel app downloaded. The 5% coupon is valid (now – 9/24/2016).

How many pairs of shoes do you own verse how many do you actually wear? These insoles allow you to wear them ALL.