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Access to medical care and prescription medications never concerned me until I tried to get pregnant and needed medical help.  The whole process took months of referrals and waiting to get into each specialist along the way until I finally got in to see the specialist I needed.  THEN the medication started.  I needed one specific shot in a very specific timeframe and my pharmacy was out!  The pharmacist actually said to me, ” Too bad maybe you can try again next month.”

The experience left me devastated more so because he blew it off as if the process didn’t matter.  Several months went into that moment and he just stepped on it like no big deal.  Luckily due to social media, a reader was able to tell me of a pharmacist that had the meds in stock and I was able to drive 25 miles each way to go and get it.  The rest is history and we have our cute baby girl! But, that is not the case for every woman in America.

The same kind of experience happened when I wanted Tretinoin to help with my breakouts.  I had to get referred multiple times (paying a copay each time) to get a prescription!  So annoying.  It got me thinking there has to be a better way. How do women with little to no access to healthcare get basics like birth control and medical grade acne treatments?

Alpha Medical Review of Latisse, Tretinoin and Birth control featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide

About a month ago the team at Alpha Medical reached out to talk about working together.  They were launching a new skincare line and wanted to get the word out.  After a few calls and emails, I knew they had an important service my readers and spa clients needed to know about.  They focus on women’s causes like birth control, acne, anti-aging, and cosmetic indications, and are working on increasing the services they offer.

Alpha Medical was formed with the goal of increasing access to care for some of the country’s most common, underserved, and under-treated medical needs.

Alpha Medical Review of Latisse, Tretinoin and Birth control featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide

I went through the whole process like a real customer and the ease of it all really surprised me.

Consultation Steps For Alpha Medical:

  1. Pop onto their website.
  2. Go through the questionnaire and online consult.  All I needed was my driver’s license or government ID card and insurance information (birth control only).
  3. Pay the one-time consultation fee of $10
  4. Answer any follow-up questions my online doctor may have.  Mine needed pictures of my acne breakouts to determine the type of acne I have and what was right for me.
  5. Place an order for the prescription.  If you are getting birth control you can use insurance all other items you will need to pay by credit card.
  6. The order shipped discreetly to my door and arrived within 2-5 days.  Super convenient!

Alpha Medical Review of Latisse, Tretinoin and Birth control featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide

As a working Mom, I have little time to drive all over town waiting to see a Derm for a Latisse prescription then wait in line at the pharmacy for 30+ minutes.  Alpha made the process possible in less than 10 minutes and yet I still had access to a real doctor.  When I had a follow question I just logged in and used the chat box.  I received detailed instructions for the Latisse and Tretinoin plus a full FAQ page and access to a Dr.

The affordability made the experience what I liked most.  In the past, I spent over $250 for a month’s supply of Latisse due to office visit fees not covered by insurance.  Alpha is a lot cheaper!  Plus, the prescription ships for free ships every month without the need for a monthly office visit or fee!  The Latisse auto-charges to my CC on the schedule I pre-chose.  I went with every other month and I have the option to change it to monthly, quarterly, etc whenever I want.

ALPHA MEDICAL: Super Easy, Super Convenient

After receiving my package, I set up an iPad in my skincare studio waiting room with the Alpha website on it so my clients can see information about their lash and skincare offerings.  Full disclosure while this post is sponsored by Alpha Medical, they did not ask or require me to do this step and I don’t make anything off my clients using their services.  I simply wanted to gauge the need for this type of information.  Within the first week over a dozen women asked me about it.

After explaining it to them each expressed amazement at how accessible it made a product and service with such an obvious want/need.  Even clients that didn’t need it knew of someone who would benefit from Alpha.  I was shocked.  Clients ask me all the time for Dermatologist names but we do not have many in our small town and the wait to see one can be over 6 months sometimes!  Each woman mentioned how this solves that problem.

Alpha’s New Skincare Line

I was also lucky to try Alpha’s new skincare line out before it was released.  Plus, the retinol is the REAL DEAL!!! I have tried dozens of retinol serums so I know what I like and this one is AMAZE.  I probably went too aggressive with it so I would say start with a few nights a week and work up because you get a heavy “purge” + “peel”. The Intense Recovery Cream makes the line really unique.  At first, I didn’t think I needed it since I use retinol regularly but I quickly realized the importance of the cream and now use it nightly.  My skin feels so good in the morning with it.  Their SPF is a 40+, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a weird residue or texture on the skin.  Every piece I tried I really liked.

Alpha Medical Review of Latisse, Tretinoin and Birth control featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide

Why I Think Alpha Medical Is So Important

Overall, I want each one of my readers to know that they can have control over their own choices because having access to those choices is empowering.  Alpha gives women the power to access medical care on their own time and with their own needs in mind.  I know the deep insecurities women feel over their eyelashes and acne.  It is literally my business.

I have met women who have lash issues caused by a variety of health conditions and they feel uncomfortable talking about it; the same thing goes for acne.  As if they will be judge over worrying about their looks.  Eyelashes are so much more than just looks and you shouldn’t have to feel judged about that.  I am so happy I now can tell readers and clients about Alpha when they ask for help with their lashes and acne.  AND, if you need birth control but have a hard time accessing it, Alpha Medical has your back.  Alpha makes it accessible, convenient, discrete and possible to receive a variety of prescription needs.

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