All The Skincare I Use On My Toddler’s Sensitive + Dry Skin

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Dry and sensitive skin care products for toddlers is its own thing! I never would have expected that. My toddler has midly sensitive skin. She doesn’t suffer from any allergies or auto immune issues but on occasion her skin get patch and dry or certain products will leave her skin red for over an hour. Unlike my, use whatever on it skin, hers has a tendency to like the same things.

Dry and Sensitive Skin Care Products for Toddlers

Over the last year we did have to switch from baby shampoos to regular shampoo to help her dry skin. I pre condition with the Tubby Todd conditioner to help detangle then follow up with a good scalp scrub with Odele Smoothing shampoo and then the smoothing conditioner. I’ve noticed since switching Olivia’s thin, dry and blonde hair is smoother, shinier and gets way less tangles. Odele’s leave in conditioner has also been great for her and MY hair. I love how soft and hydrated it leaves both of our hair. Here are some codes: Tubby Todd: 10% off with this link

For body wash and soap, this is where Olivia has the most sensitivity. For example, the original Ever Eden has always worked well for her. So when I saw they had new scents I was excited. I ordered the Melon Juice and Cool Peach. The melon worked great but the peach gave her a terrible rash. No clue why. We just put in the shower to use ourselves instead of letting it go to waste. Use code DORAN10 to save 10%.

Lotions are a must have for her. Her skin get small dry spots without nightly lotions. We use Tubby Todd everyday lotion most night. With the Evereden healing balm or Tubby Todd All Over Ointment for her face. Both work well to keep her check and chin from breaking out or getting dry. The TT All Over Ointment is a must have in the winter. I use it on my hands a lot in dry months. If the weather is super dry (like when we go to Tahoe in the winter) I will use the EverEden Soothing Baby Massage Oil. Tubby Todd: 10% off with this link EverEden Use code DORAN10 to save 10%

What dry and sensitive skin care products for toddlers do you swear by? Am I missing anything for Olivia you think we should try?