Adding A Glycolic Acid Toner For Smooth, Clear, and Glowing Complexion

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Glycolic Acid Toner reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

When I added an acid toner to my skincare everything changed. I notice fewer breakouts and a softer texture. My skin would actually glow and not in a greasy t-zone way. It is one of those steps I do daily (usually night and day) without fail. I do change up the brand often but the ingredients are similar. Usually, I have three acids going in my routine at a time.

One is super mild like a 5% glycolic–think Pixi Glow Tonic. One is a bit stronger and usually, a blend like this AlphaH Liquid Gold treatment and I only use it once or twice a week. The third is just something to change up every now and then and give my skin a bit of a workout. Like Dennis Gross Peel Pads or Goop Glow Overnight Peel.

How To Use a Daily Glycolic Acid Toner

Use it as step two morning and night but skip if that night is a retinol or vitamin A night. I like something in the 5% range. Nice gentle acid is great to help keep dirt, debris, and dead skin from building up. This is your exfoliating step, and to me, a much better way to exfoliate over harsh scrubs. Acids strengthen your skin where scrubs are just a one-time fix.

How To Use Acid As a Weekly Treatment

Grab an “overnight” acid for a stronger experience. Try Oskia Liquid Mask. If you chose to go with anything stronger just stick to the evening, once a week, and always skip on nights you use retinol or Vitamin A.

Esthetician NOTE: While usually, I say to avoid alcohol in products especially if it is super high up on the inci list. BUT, with acids, alcohol is needed and used to stabilize the formula.

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