A Trip to Ying/Yang Spa… Day 4

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My trip was coming to an end and I wanted one last visit to the spa to complete it.  My husband had the Thai Massage the day before and loved it so I thought I would give it a try.

I didn’t fork up for the water rituals so I arrived right on time to begin my treatment.  My therapist greeted me and introduced herself, then brought me to my room.  It was much smaller than all the others I had visited but it was warm and pleasant.  After I changed and was on the table my therapist began the treatment.
She started out with the dry brushing and then moved into the poultices, starting at my feet she moved upward, towards my hips in a rolling motion with the warm lavender filled, cheese cloths.  She then massaged each foot and leg with a lavender oil.  The treatment was divine.  After working my legs she moved to my arms and back. This was where it all came together, the warm compresses felt perfect on my sore, well traveled muscles.  It was a perfect combination of heat and pressure.  After I flipped, my therapist placed the compresses under my shoulders to help loosen them up.  After massaging the front of my legs she went back to my shoulders.  Between the warm heat and massage I felt like I could stretch my neck better than when I started my trip.  It was such a great treatment I wish I could find someone here in Monterey that offers it!  So amazing.  They gave me the poultices to take home and reuse in a hot bath soak.  Unfortunately they didn’t fit in the suitcase… so they stayed in Rome.  The perfect way to end my journey with the Norwegian Jade.


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