A Trip to Ying/Yang Spa… Day 3

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As I said in my last post I loved the Seaweed wrap so much I went back for it again.  This time I had a nice therapist from the Philippines name Cher. 

When I arrived she informed me I could have my treatment the same as yesterday or instead of the foil I could use the steam capsule.  Always in for something new I went with the capsule.

The treatment started out the same, with the dry brushing and seaweed application but when all done, she closed the lid and I was in this little bubble with steam.  I got a bit cold at first and it didn’t heat up near as much as with the foil but it was very enjoyable.  As I steamed Cher gave me a little scalp massage and then left the room so I could relax.  I thought I would fall asleep like the previous day but it just wasn’t as zen-ful, as it was wrapped up in my little cocoon.  When Cher returned, she pushed a button and warm water began to shower me off.  It was very interesting, I didn’t have to get up or move.  Way nicer than trying to maneuver to the shower wrapped in a tin foil mummy costume.  She opened the lid and let me cool off a bit then used another shower to make sure all the seaweed was gone.  She stepped out and I dried off and moved to the massage table.  She ended the treatment with a nice massage with the Muscle Ease oil and off I went to dinner and a party with the rest of my group.

Pro… the capsule was new and I loved the steam and shower in one aspect. 
Cons… the hard table and slippery surface were just not comfortable or relaxing. 


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