A Trip to Ying & Yang Spa… Day 2

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So I loved my first treatment so much I went back for more the next day.  Looking for a treatment to help with my tired muscles I opted for the Muscle Therapy Seaweed wrap.  A 100-minute dream!

After winning big in the casino the night before, I arrived over an hour early and forked over the extra $30 to use the hydra-therapy center.  Best decision ever!   The front desk staff took me in and found me a locker, after a shower and change I started in.  First I headed over to the steam room to detox and loosen up.  It had the usual peppermint and eucalyptus scents, with long benches to relax.  After 20 minutes there I headed back to the shower and then the plunge pool.  A large, jetted bathtub with freezing water in it.  Perfect for my tired legs, but a bit jolting.  It would turn out to be my new favorite addiction.  After the plunge, I headed back to the steam room for another 20 minutes and another shower.  This time instead of the regular shower I used the “tropical shower” a lukewarm rain with lights and jungle sound… a little weird but nice.  The sun was starting to set and I wanted a good view of the sail out of Kooper, so I headed over to the dry sauna.

One whole wall was covered in windows that overlooked the perfect view and sunset. After some time in the sauna, I did another round of the tropical shower another plunge and then sat in the whirlpool until my therapist came to fetch me.

I was brought back to the same room and given the usual instructions.  My therapist was a nice kid from Spain named Sergio.  He started with the dry brush and application of the seaweed.  Surprisingly not that bad-smelling and it had a very interesting icy hot quality.  After I was completely covered in it, I was wrapped in tin foil and blankets to heat up.  And I did, I have never been in such a furnace of a body wrap.  I almost tapped out but thankfully I fell asleep instead.  As I cooked in my tin foil furnace, Sergio gave a fabulous scalp massage and then moved to my feet.  I must have been asleep for quite some time since I came awake at the sound of bells.  Sergio had already started the shower and removed the heavy covers.  He helped me sit up (not easy when you are wrapped like a mummy) and maneuver to the shower.  Where he left me to peel off the tin foil and wash off the seaweed.  This is where I discovered my favorite new body wash.  The Elemis  Skin Nourishing Shower Cream.  A soft, creamy and foaming body wash that completely removed the hard to get seaweed and left my skin super soft.  It has a nice baby powder scent and really feels amazing.  After my shower, I toweled off and got back on the bed.  Where I was treated to the most amazing massage ever with the muscle ease body oil.  I awoke again to the sound of bells and a glass of water.  

Overall an amazing treatment… so great that I booked it again for the next day, but with a little twist. 
 Plus… amazing views, great water rituals, and super relaxing… just what I was looking for,
Not so plus… falling asleep… super embarrassing.


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