A Trip to Vista Blue Spa at the Monterey Plaza Hotel

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I was ready for a little unwind and decided to go back to my old-faithful and favorite spa in Monterey–Vista Blue Spa at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. The Vista Blue Day on the Bay Package (280 minutes $595 (a la carte $665) is a great all day experience it includes:

  • Custom Massage (50 minutes)
  • Choice of Exfoliating Scrub or a Mineralizing Mask
  • Choice of Rejuvenation Facial (50 min) or Epicuren Anti-Aging Facial
  • Spa Pedicure (50 min)
  • Spa Manicure (25 Min)
  • Two-Course Lunch

The Vichey Shower Treatment At Visa Blue Spa

The day started with a scrub and vichey shower… amazing.  My therapist was one I had like 2 years ago and she totally remembered how quickly I get cold.  So she cranked up the heat and kept me covered.  A nice touch.  The dreamy vichey really is a treat.  There really is no better way to describe it.  You lounge on a bed for a heavy salt scrub and after, a therapist maneuvers a bar with multiple shower heads rinsing/massage you at once with warm water… I want one in my house!  After the shower she towled me off and applied a light body milk and I was off to the next treatment. Overall my FAVORITE treatment of all time!

A Massage followed and I went into a new room after a small break.  My room was warm with soft lighting, music, the soft of lavender and a warm bed.  In came a new therapist, one I didn’t recognize and I didn’t catch her name.  She asked a few questions and got to work.  It was nice that she addressed my needs (R. Shoulder, Hip) and kept me covered and warm. 

The full body massage included a nice scalp and foot massage.  Her touch was great and fluid and it was obvious she was confident and knew what she was doing.  It was nice that the oil was not heavily scented and felt nice.  Overall, it was a GREAT massage and I would return to the same therapist. 

The Facial Vista Blue Spa at the Monterey Plaza Hotel

After another small break I began a facial.  I had the Epicuren™ Anti-Aging Facial (80 minutes).  A great but basic facial. The scents and feel of the products were nice. My only gripe I could say is that there wasn’t an “interview” of my skin so I felt it was a little cookie cutter and could be why I breakout so heavily after every facial here.  But, the neck/shoulder massage is nice and I like the finishing touch of foundation w/ spf. I also really enjoyed that the esthetician didn’t talk the whole time trying to sell me products. ( I had a facial over at another spa here in town and that drove me crazy!  Do a post consult and let me relax!) Overall a super nice experience.

My final appointment was a mani/pedi.  I was shown to another room and had a private mani/pedi.  It was a great room with a cool view of Cannery Row. I enjoyed the nail tech and her conversation and they had a decent variety of polishes to choose from.  Overall a great, relaxing, fun spa mani/pedi. 

I finished my day with the sun deck and water rituals and a bit to eat.   A great way to get centered and back into a great mood!

PS the food was AMAZING and I did a little splurge on the fries! YUM!

The picture above is from the Vista Blue Website.

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