A Trip To… Spa Moana

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A few months back I created my top five spas I would like to visit… lucky for me I got to stop by #3 last month.Spa Moana at the Hyatt Maui

I went for a tour as soon as we arrived, to check the place out and grab a menu.  After going back to my room and choosing my dream spa day… I scaled it back to a Kona coffee scrub and Lomi Lomi massage since I only had 2 1/2 hours available.

When I arrived I was shown to the locker room to change and then a snack room to wait for my therapist.  They had fresh fruit and water and the room was comfy and warm.


I was only there for about 2 minutes when my therapist arrived for my body scrub.  They had several “flavors” to choose from and I went with Kona Coffee.  It smelled AMAZING!  When we arrived at the room I was super excited to see it was a Vichy Shower!!

The bed was so comfortable, unusual for a Vichy treatment.  My therapist started with a dry brushing and then moved into the scrub.  Like I said it smelled amazing, but what made the treatment great was the pressure.  Usually, when I get a body scrub they just apply the salt and wash it off.  Not here, she used a nice amount of pressure and really worked the scrub in.  After she brought over the showerhead and started my favorite part!  For those who don’t know Vichy is a 7 head shower that the therapist uses to massage off a body treatment.  AMAZING!  The therapist seemed really confident and comfortable doing the treatment.  So I never felt uncomfortable and the treatment was relaxing and perfect. After the shower, she did some fancy origami with the sheets and towels and suddenly I was on dry fresh sheets, without ever getting up.  The treatment was finished with an application of light coconut milk on my body and a macadamia nut oil to my scalp.  PERFECTION!

When my treatment was complete I was brought to a different waiting area filled with lounges and a spectacular view of the ocean.

Again I only waited for about 2 minutes before my next therapist arrived for my Lomi Lomi massage.  Surprisingly she was from Monterey, so we had a lot to chat about.  It was a great massage.  I zoned out so I can’t really give a play-by-play of the massage.  The room was warm and the massage oil had a nice feel and texture.

After my massage, I was super excited to get to the water rituals.  I was happy to see that I would have the place all to myself.  So I could take pics and relax in silence. I started with a shower to get some of the oil off before I went to steam.  After the steam, I hit up the soaking pool.  A beautifully done tiled pool with a skylight.  I ended my day with another shower then was off to meet my family for dinner.

Overall, Spa Moana totally meets all my expectations and totally deserved a spot on my spa dream list.


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