A Trip to Spa L’Auberge | Del Mar, CA

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My husband and I took a trip down south recently to visit my brother who was returning from Afghanistan.  We chose to stay at L’Auberge after a friend recommended it.  We had some spare time one day as my brother caught up on sleep and tried to adjust to the time zone, so we headed over to the spa.  Since it was so last minute they didn’t have much availability so we settled on their April Sun-Kissed Special.  A 90-minute treatment that included an organic vanilla orange raw sugar scrub, a full-hour massage, and a Morrocan oil scalp massage.

We arrived right on time since they didn’t have water rituals only a steam sauna.  The front desk was cute, they had a little boutique filled with various products and gifts and the staff was really nice.  They showed us where to go to change and we were on our way to bliss.  The locker room was really nice.  It had a beachy, cottage theme.  All teals, blues, and greens.  It was small but not uncomfortable if another person was there also.  I quickly changed and headed out to the relaxation room.  They had an indoor room and an outdoor patio.  We sat on the patio for a few minutes until our therapists arrived.  My husband loved his but is not great about explaining so I will share with you my take on it.

My therapist’s name was Switzerland or Swit.  She showed me to my room and gave me the usual instructions before stepping out. What I liked was that she explained and let me feel each product she was going to use.

She stepped out and I jumped on the table.  A really nice table, the room was a comfortable temperature but the bed was heated a big plus when you are getting a body wrap.

Swit returned and began the treatment.  She started with the scrub and was surprisingly firm with it.  Most times the therapist seems scared of scrubs and doesn’t really seem to work them in.  So not the case here.  After she brought me to the showers and I rinsed off, while she cleaned the room.  She returned for me with water and brought me back to our original room to begin the massage.  The massage was fantastic!  Perfect pressure and not just a basic cookie-cutter massage.  She really customized it to my intake form.  Hit all the tension spots I asked for and even did some light stretching.  As of today, it is in my top 3 best massages of all time!

I didn’t get a scalp massage… I think she forgot but the massage was so great I didn’t care.
My skin felt amazing after and super soft.
I headed over to the sauna to complete my visit before checking out.

Overall… 4.5 stars
I will return for a massage if I can get in with Swit and would even do the scrub again.  The entire place was relaxing and friendly.
Cons… No water rituals… super disappointed.  And I wanted to buy the body balm they used to complete the treatment but it wasn’t for sale. =(

Thank you to the Spa L’auberge website for the top photos.  The others were from my fabulous iPhone.
I pay personally and fully for all of my spa treatments and experiences and my reviews are never based on “trades” or “complimentary” anything.

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