A Trip to the Grand Velas Spa/ Resort Nueva Vallarta

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My husband surprised me with a trip to the Grand Velas Spa & Resort.  An all-inclusive amazing experience.  I LOVED it.  With fireworks the first night and I was sold!

We checked into a beautiful suite with a lanai looking out over the ocean and a huge infinity pool.  The weather helped us with perfect breezes and not too hot.  The room was luxurious, to say the least, with a jacuzzi tub that opened into the main room and a bed on the lanai to nap in the afternoon sunshine and breeze.  Husband and I spent most of our time down at the pool, under an umbrella, snacking on guacamole, jicama, and whatever drink, Angel, our poolside attendant, brought over.  We never left the resort but since I have been to Puerta Vallarta several times I didn’t feel like I missed anything.  Now on to the good stuff–the 5 stars, world-class, unbelievable spa!

The Grand Velas Spa Water Rituals

The first day we had a couples massage.  After arriving an hour to the Grand Velas spa early as requested and we saw why we needed the extra time.  The facilities were beyond impressive.  We separated into dressing rooms and then water rituals.  I had a private attendant who showed me around and then where to change and store my things.  She then brought me a pitcher of iced water and asked where I would like to begin.  I started with the steam room, she gave me a chilled peppermint hand towel for my neck, set the timer, and left me to steam and meditate. 

She returned after a while and brought me to a pressure shower (my new favorite thing EVER), a large stone room with a HUGE shower head in it.  She instructed me to stand under it and turned it on.  A very powerful spray of lukewarm water poured down for about 10 seconds and was extremely refreshing.  After I dried off I chose the dry sauna for another 15 minutes and returned to the pressure shower before moving to the hot spa pool.

After soaking for 20 minutes, my attendant returned and brought me to a Swedish shower, a capsule with multiple shower heads that spray your whole body at once.  I finished the water rituals at the foot pool and relaxed with a cup of jasmine tea while waiting for my massage. As far as water rituals go this is the best I’ve ever experienced.
My attendant returned to introduce me to my massage therapist and who took me to the treatment room. 

The building was unique with winding hallways and a beautiful sky-lighted courtyard.  Simply stunning.  My husband joined me here and we were brought into the room together.  Once inside they started a foot bath ritual that was just lovely and then the therapists stepped out, leaving us a set of chimes to use once we were on the table.  The massage was basic but very relaxing after all the other treatments we had already.  After the massage, we were greeted with a handwritten recommendation card and a cup of warm peach tea.  Overall just lovely.

Facials and The Diamond Ritual

I loved the spa so much I decided to go back a few days later.  This time I had a Diamond Ritual.  A scrub, bath, massage, and facial.
I started the same water rituals and then was shown to a spa suite.  Where I began a very invigorating honey scrub. The therapist really worked the scrub in, a nice surprise since most scrubs are a bit on the weak side.  I showered it off with the in-room shower and then started a magical bath.  A large capsule/tub that played music and a light show.

I loved the scalp massage I received during the massage but I am a bit on the short side and kept slipping under the water.  There weren’t any places to “hang” onto so not as relaxing as it could have been.  After the bath was a wonderful massage.  The therapist even adjusted my back a bit.  A little different than I have ever experienced before. Overall, a great massage.

She finished with a facial/peel.  The facial was great and one of the best I have ever received in a spa setting–extractions and all.  I loved it so much that I went back the next day for a Mani/Pedi!

Overall, the most amazing spa I have ever been to.  The location, the feel, the water rituals, the service, and the personal touches were all perfect and totally what I expect and long for in a spa.

The pictures were taken from the Grand Velas Spa Website all my other pictures have my husband in them and he refuses to let me post them!

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