A Trip to… Capetown, South Africa

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This little guy was singing to me.

Penguin Beach, Shark Cage Diving, NYE on the Water Front, Capetown brought memories that will last forever.  

      First stop Penguin Beach!  I visited one of the largest Cape (African) penguin colonies in the world.
      Here are a few pictures of the little guys.  They were just running around playing in the freezing cold water and “tanning” on the beach.  I loved that they were all coupled up and cuddley looking. They were so cute but don’t try to touch; they will take a finger off.  They make this crazy sound like a donkey and can be heard from pretty far away, the little guys didn’t smell great either.  It was SUPER windy that day so we didn’t stay long, on a warmer day I could have totally stayed all day.
Waiting for a shark!

     The next day we headed out to Gansbaii to             Shark    Cage Dive.  We used a popular company ,

Great White Shark Tours.

He was circling the boat.

The company had a ton of online reviews and celebrity/documentary credits.  The crew and staff were super nice and a lot of fun.  They had a lot of cool tips and facts about sharks and the waters around South Africa.  They fed us breakfast, snack and lunch, overall such a great package.  I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in Capetown and want to see the sharks up close.

          It took around twenty minutes for a shark to show up.  When it did several more followed.  Around 15(!) and a ray arrived, not all at one time but a few at a time, it was a record for the tour company.  I was shocked to find out the sharks fear and dislike the rays and the sharks quickly ran off when the ray arrived. 
     Great Whites are truly beautiful and graceful up close.  Nothing like what is shown in the movies.  We lucked out and the crazy wind went away and we had perfect weather.  It was a bit hot but the water was crystal clear.  Again I could have stayed out there all day, overall we stayed around four hours and I stayed in the cage for around an hour.  I am so glad I invested in an underwater camera, that also did video.  It made a huge difference when I was in the cage. 
      Best experience of my life and I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try.  Even if you don’t get in the cage the view from the boat was just as amazing.


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